Committed to Meeting Students' Needs in All Grades

  • September 15, 2015

    Dear Members of the RTSD Community,

    As you are aware, our School Board members and Central Office administrators have been involved in ongoing contract negotiations with three of our employee groups: our teachers (Radnor Township Education Association - RTEA), our support staff (Radnor Educational Support Personnel Association - RESPA) and our transportation staff (Radnor School Employee Association - RSEA). Board members and administrators are committed to meeting with representatives from each of these groups as often as necessary to establish new contracts.

    The most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for our support staff expired June 30, 2015. The CBA for our teachers, which was extended by two years, and the CBA for our transportation staff both expired August 31, 2015. Currently, the employees in these groups are receiving the same salary and benefits as outlined in their previous contracts.

    School Board members and administrators have held meetings with representatives of these groups since January 2015 in an effort to establish new contracts. Regarding RTEA in particular, the first formal meeting, which included School Board members, occurred on January 6, 2015. There have been five other formal meetings held with RTEA, the most recent occurring August 27. The administration has also been regularly meeting with the other bargaining units. The next formal meetings with each group are scheduled to take place the week of September 21.

    A neutral mediator appointed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor has participated in the meetings with RTEA, RESPA and RSEA to assist the parties in reaching a fair and equitable agreement. Since April 2015, members of the Central Office administrative team have also met informally with RTEA’s negotiating leadership an additional six times in an effort to work toward settling a new contract. Since January and throughout the process, the entire School Board has met on numerous occasions in order to provide guidance and to receive feedback on progress.

    Although the district had agreed with RTEA not to discuss the details of the ongoing negotiations, we do recognize an obligation to provide accurate information regarding school business matters, including information that may be considered relevant to negotiations. Because of this responsibility, we will be providing updated, factual information on an ongoing basis on our website here
    Additionally, whenever possible, we will respond to questions and concerns we receive about negotiations that are submitted via email to

    As a district, we are committed to maintaining a robust and productive educational experience for our students during this process. Our main focus continues to be educating, supporting and nurturing the students we serve in all grades. I look forward to keeping you updated as we move forward, always with our students’ needs as our top priority.

    Thank you.


    Dr. Michael J. Kelly
    Superintendent of Schools