Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in RTSD

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    RTSD Mission: The mission of the Radnor Township School District is to inspire in all students the love of learning and creating, and to empower them to discover and pursue their individual passions with knowledge, confidence, and caring to shape the future.

    STEM Goal: To emerge as a leader in STEM education by providing opportunities for students to pursue a challenging and rigorous Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics curricula which is rich in authentic inquiry-based instruction and cutting edge technology.



    Curriculum Pillar:

    • Core Curriculum & Assessment: Provide students with a K-12 curriculum which is engaging, relevant and rich in authentic experiences in STEM-related areas.
    • Instructional Strategies: Support teachers in the development and use of effective instructional strategies which promotes inquiry-based learning, and engages students in practical application of STEM-related content.
    • Professional Development: Provide opportunities for teachers to participate in relevant and pervasive professional development which support the delivery of the curriculum, content-area knowledge, and use of effective research-based instructional strategies.
    • Safety Practices: Assure safe and consistent practices within all lab settings at elementary, middle and high school levels.

    College and Career Pillar:

    • Pursuing STEM-Related Careers: Increase the number of graduates who pursue STEM-related careers.
    • Authentic STEM Opportunities: Provide students with the opportunity for real-life experiences in STEM-related fields such as internships and mentorships.
    • Partnerships: Partner with organizations and universities to develop first-hand experience using STEM related equipment and facilities.
    • Parent and Community Education: Provide parent and community education opportunities to build the capacity of the community in supporting STEM.

    Academic Competitions and Extra-Curricular Pillar:

    • Competitive Academic Teams: Support the core curriculum with state and nationally competitive academic teams at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
    • Extra-Curricular STEM Activities: Support the core curriculum with opportunities for students to engage in after or before school clubs and activities related to STEM fields.