General Music Overview

  • Fifth Grade

    Music classes during the first half of the year are spent on rehearsing music for the 5th Grade Winter Chorus Concert in January. More information about the concert date and details will be coming home as the year progresses.

    During the second half of the year, we continue to sing, but explore instrument accompaniment, music terminology, reading and writing notation, reviewing notes on the staff, and adding movement to our activities.


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  • Fourth Grade

    For the first half of the year, students focus on moving to show steady beat, singing, reading and writing music notation, as well as spending time layering rhythm patterns and playing them together on classroom instruments. Many times, we focus on the same song for subsequent music classes as we explore different elements of music within that song: singing, dancing, accompanying, and reading and writing notation.

    The second half of the year will be primarily focused on chorus music in preparation for the Spring Concert in May.


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  • Third Grade

    Students in third grade learn how to play the recorder.  There is a link on my homepage to a parent letter detailing why we at our district Music Department feel this is an important skill to learn in third grade general music.  While the curriculum is heavily centered around recorder, we also sing, move and play other classroom instruments.


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  • Second Grade

    Students in second grade use movement to play a lot of singing circle games, as well as learn to accompany songs on instruments, discuss patterns in songs, and practice reading and writing basic music notation. 


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  • First Grade

    In first grade, students are exploring elements of music such as pitch, steady beat and rhythm through singing, dancing, moving, and playing classroom instruments.


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  • Kindergarten

    In Kindergarten, we spend lots of time moving to our music, playing the beat on classroom percussion instruments, matching pitch with singing voices, and exploring musical concepts such as loud and soft, high and low, and the ability to echo musical patterns.


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