• Cultural Arts 2019-2020

    What is Cultural Arts?

    It is our mission to support our children's learning through exposure to the arts in all forms.  We aim to bring meaningful performances in art, science, literature, dance, music and theater to our schools.

    Alex and the Kaleidoscope will be working with Ithan students during a residency the week of December 9th, 2019.

    Alex & The Kaleidoscope is an interactive music entertainment brand that encourages and inspires kids to celebrate and learn through the power of songs, fun facts and adventures to interesting places around the world. Alex will perform for all students and work with third, fourth and fifth grade students on the basics of songwriting. 

    Author/illustrator team, Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson will be visiting Ithan on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

    They are creators of the critically acclaimed humor/mystery middle grade series The Real McCoys and the picture books Everywhere, Wonder and Babies Ruin Everything. They will share their thoughts on collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

    If you are interested in purchasing signed copies of their amazing books, please visit All orders must be place by March 17, 2020.

    Art Goes to School will be offering a fun-filled hour of art history and exploration to students. (March 16th- March 20th).

    Students will get the opportunity to see a portfolio of over 20 reproductions of art, featuring the work of local and international artists, including paintings, tapestry, sculpture, screen-printing and more. The AGTS mobile museum showcases examples of work from the very ancient to the most contemporary, enabling students to see how types, themes, and materials in art have evolved. Students are encouraged to ‘look, listen and feel’ art through interactive presentations, games, story-time and more.

    Enchantment Theater will be performing “The Beast in the Bayou” for Ithan students on May 20, 2020.

    For more than 35 years, Enchantment Theatre Company has created original theatre for young audiences and families. The imaginative telling of new and classic fables, myths, and legends set to classical or original music inspires, challenges, and enriches young lives. "The Beast in the Bayou” is a modern version of Beauty & the Beast that takes place in Louisiana.

    Plus, science shows for each grade featuring The Franklin Institute and The Bee Man.

    Thank you to our Ithan families who donate to the PTO. You make these programs possible. Thank you to Radnor Educational Foundation for their continued support of our Cultural Arts programs.

     If you are interested in helping out, please contact Julie Schultz or Megan Carusona