1st Grade Math in Focus

Math in Focus 5A
  • Math in Focus addresses topics in greater depth at each grade. 
    Please reference the K-5 Scope and Sequence to see how mathematics skills are introduced and expanded within each grade level.
    This year, your first grader will focus on:
    • building problem-solving skills and strategies 
    • counting, comparing and writing numbers to 100 
    • adding and subtracting 1-digit and 2-digit numbers 
    • classifying and sorting shapes and patterns 
    • measuring length and weight 
    • using calendars, time and money 

    Supporting at Home

    • You can help your child build confidence as well as communication skills in mathematics by practicing newly acquired skills at home by encouraging opportunities to use math in everyday situations. Allow your child's math class-work or homework to guide you in determine the appropriate level of challenge.

      While at home, invite your child to:

      • help you count coins for rolling and taking to the bank
      • reset clocks when the time changes in fall and spring
      • mark dates of importance on a calendar

      While shopping, allow your child to:

      • compare prices on different brand items
      • read food labels to compare servings per container
      • estimate hoe many cartons of milk to buy

      On car or bus trips, challenge your child to:

      • find numbers 1 through 10 (or higher as the year goes on) in order
      • find the numbers 10 through 1 in reverse order
      • count how many red cars he/she sees in five minutes


      Students have access to digital resources at home as well!


      Username:  6 digit RTSD ID@rtsd.org  (ex: 123456@rtsd.org)

      Password:  RTSD network Password




    Learning Targets By Unit

    • Learning Targets are statements that guide and frame instruction.  Learning Targets are aligned to state standards, however differ slightly from course objectives in that they are written in a student-friendly way to help build meaningful learning.  Learning Targets are shared with students to empower students to take ownership of their learning in the classroom, by reflecting on what they know and still have to learn.  The Learning Targets are consistent across the district, which ensures that all students are receiving an enriching, challenging and rigorous mathematical experience in all classrooms.  We encourage you to become familiar with your child's grade-level math Learning Targets, and encourage you to have discussions with your children about what they are learning in mathematics. As always, we continue to support a growth mindset approach, and use these learning targets as ways to support growth, while developing valuable critical thinking and problem solving skill.  
      To access the 1st Grade Mathematics Learning Targets, please click HERE.

    Parent Support Tutorials and Videos

    • To access videos and tutorials, please click here.