Course 3 Math in Focus

Math in Focus
  • Math in Focus addresses topics in greater depth at each grade.  
    Please reference the 6-8 scope and sequence to see how mathematics skills are introduced and expanded within each grade level.
    This year, students in Course 3 will focus on:
    • using the properties of exponents to simplify expressions
    • writing numbers in scientific notation 
    • solving equations, including systems of equations  
    • working with linear functions 
    • solving problems using the Pythagorean Theorem 
    • using geometric transformations 
    • working with congruent and similar figures 
    • finding probability

Supporting at Home

  • You can help your child build confidence as well as communication skills in mathematics by practicing newly acquired skills at home by encouraging opportunities to use math in everyday situations. Allow your child's math class-work or homework to guide you in determine the appropriate level of challenge.

    While reading news sources, challenge your child to:

    • look for very large or very small numbers and express them in scientific notation
    • find examples of estimates or projections, and discuss how they may have been made with linear equations

    At home or while traveling, ask your student to:

    • identify geometric transformations in patterns in fabrics, flooring or wallpaper
    • look for right triangles and find the lengths of their sides
    • identify congruent or similar figures in the design of buildings or other structures
    • look for lines and estimate their slopes
    • describe how far you have traveled as a function of your speed


    Students have digital access to resources!


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