Athletic Success at Radnor High School

  • The following student-athletes have exemplified outstanding athletic ability during the 2018-19 school year.


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2019-20 Postseason Appearances

  • District One Playoffs


    Girls Tennis: 3rd Place- Annie Burton, Kanon Ciarrocchi, Bridget Dougherty, Caroline Egg-Krings, Grace Frigerio, Lucy Hederick, Mia Xie

    Golf: Jack Hamilton, Jacqueline Slinkard, Luke Kelly, Ryane Oswald, Tyler Tornoe, Molly Haas

    Field Hockey

    Girls Soccer

    Boys Soccer

    Cross Country


    State Championships


     Golf- Jack Hamilton (T-22nd)


    Tennis- Team and Doubles


    Cross Country- Frank Brown


Fall Sports

  • Boys and Girls Golf

    Central League Championships- Jack Hamilton, Tyler Tornoe, Chase Stephano, Luke Kelly, James Quinn, Rishi Khanna, Quinn Bookbinder, Jackson Reid, Jaden Goldstein, Jacqueline Slinkard, Jack d'Entremont, Ryane Oswald, Molly Haas

    District 1 Championship- Jack Hamilton, Tyler Tornoe, Luke Kelly, Jacqueline Slinkard, Ryane Oswald, Molly Haas

    State Qualifier- Jack Hamilton (T-22nd)


    Jack Hamilton- 1st Team All Central

    Luke Kelly- 1st Team All Central

    Tyler Tornoe- 2nd Team All Central

    James Quinn- 2nd Team All Central

    Jacqueline Slinkard- 2nd Team All Central



    Girls Tennis


    CENTRAL LEAGUE DOUBLES CHAMPIONS- Kanon Ciarrocchi and Lucy Hederick

    DISTRICT 1 DOUBLES CHAMPIONS- Kanon Ciarrocchi and Lucy Hederick

    PIAA Doubles 2nd Place- Kanon Ciarrocchi and Lucy Hederick


    Central League & District 1 Singles Qualifiers- Bridget Dougherty and Mia Xie

    Central League & District 1 Doubles Qualifiers- Kanon Ciarrocchi, Lucy Hederick, Bridget Dougherty and Annie Burton

    State Team Qualifiers- Annie Burton, Kanon Ciarrocchi, Bridget Dougherty, Caroline Egg-Krings, Grace Frigerio, Jess Gusdorff, Ellen Hederick, Lucy Hederick, Nicole Lomazoff, Zana Moldavsky, Mia Xie

    Kanon Ciarrocchi- 1st Team All Central Singles

    Bridget Dougherty- 2nd Team All Central Singles

    Lucy Hederick- 2nd Team All Central Singles

    Annie Burton/Caroline Egg-Krings- 1st Team All Central Doubles

    Grace Frigerio/Mia Xie- 1st Team All Central Doubles

    Jessica Gusdorff/Ellen Hederick- 2nd Team All Central Doubles


    Girls Soccer

    Emily Daiutolo- 1st Team All Central

    Sophia Muetterties- 2nd Team All Central

    Olivia Kelley- Honorable Mention All Central

    Lu MacKenzie- Honorable Mention All Central


    Boys Soccer

    Bobby Hydrisko- 1st Team All Central

    Jake Lee- 1st Team All Central

    Ben Engstrom- 2nd Team All Central

    Nick Lucchessi- Honorable Mention All Central



    Cross Country

    State Qualifier- Frank Brown

    Frank Brown- 2nd Team All Central, 1st Team All Delco
    Owen Leonard- 2nd Team All Central, 2nd Team All Delco
    Naomi Gross- Honorable Mention All Central, Honorable Mention All Delco
    Jimmy Kurtz- Honorable Mention All Delco




    Josie Darrach- Honorable Mention All Central

    Lucy Criscuolo- Honorable Mention All Central




    Field Hockey

    Barb Civitella- 1st Team All Central 

    Olivia DeCain- 1st Team All Central 

    Brigid Lowry- 1st Team All Central 

    Genevieve Mehra- 2nd Team All Central 

    Hope Delaney- 2nd Team All Central

    Madison Milhous- 2nd Team All Central 








Winter Sports

  • Wrestling



    Girls Indoor Track



    Boys Indoor Track


    Girls Swimming



    Boys Swimming






    Boys Basketball



    Girls Basketball



    Ice Hockey








Spring Sports

  • Boys Tennis



    Boys Track



    Girls Track



    Boys Lacrosse



    Girls Lacrosse