Second Comprehensive Plan Meeting

  • Members of the district's comprehensive planning group came together for a second meeting on April 28 to move forward with priority and goal setting and action planning. 

    Before attendees continued their work in their designated focus sub-group (Student Achievement and Growth; Safe and Caring Environment; Clear, Consistent Communication; and Efficient and Effective Operations), all participants were able to choose to attend one of five, special mini-sessions: "The Physical Plant," presented by director of operations Leo Bernbei; "By The Numbers, Academic Performance in RTSD," presented by supervisor of data and achievement Joseph Cannella; "The Evolution of Communication in RTSD," presented by director of communications Michael Petitti; "Instructional Technology," presented by director of instructional technology Joan Cusano; and "A Safe and Caring Environment for Academic Learning," presented by director of student services Kevin Kane.

    When the sub-groups came together at the end of the evening, each shared the progress they made with the other sub-group members. Attendees also spent some time brainstorming and documenting the district's current "Bright Spots."

    The next meeting is scheduled for June 16, where each sub-group will refine goals and action plans and share recommendations across the sub-groups. The final plan will be presented to the School Board at a future business meeting.