• Summer Reading Validations
    Over the summer, Soundings students must read The Giver and one (1) other book, for a minimum of two (2) books.  Students may read another three (3) books, for a total of five (5).  All books read and validated, over the summer, prior to the start of 8th grade, will count towards the validation goal for the coming school year.
    Books may be validated in a variety of ways/modes.  Ultimately, students should showcase knowledge of the novel read.  The following are some examples of ways to validate a novel and what information is required:
    Types of Validations:
    Letter to the author or editor
    Write a new ending of the novel
    Compare/Contrast novel with the movie
    Book Review
    Create New Book Cover
    Illustrate Scene from the book with summary
    Information Required:
    Title and Author
    Setting [Time and Location(s)]
    Overall Opinion of the book and explanation why you liked/disliked it
    Title and Author
    Topic, Theme, Main Idea and/or Thesis
    Key Information regarding the topic of the book
    Overall Opinion of the book and explanation of why you liked/disliked it