Miss Caitlin Naylor

Phone: 610-688-8100 x 5302


Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary Education K-6; Special Education N-12; Reading Specialist K-12; PA Licensed Behavior Specialist; Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Miss Caitlin Naylor

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We are going to have a great year in Hero Headquarters!

What's Happening in Kindergarten?

  • Language Arts: We are working on developing our reading strategies. We are using Visualization, Predicting, and Wondering to understand the books we read. We are also using other methods that help us read on our own, like Eagle Eye (looking at the beginning sound and picture) and Lips the Fish (making our mouth make the beginning sound of the word in question). We are also looking at the text features of Non-Fiction books and how they help us learn. In Writing, we are learning how to gather ideas using wonderful mentor texts. We are also using our knowledge of the sounds we have learned in Phonics to sound out, or "tap out" words to help us write our ideas. We are learning proper sentence format (capital at the beginning, punctuation at the end) and also introducing the format for non-fiction writing. Within all this, we are using the skills being taught to write about the holidays and special occasions that fill our calendars. 
    Math: We are learning different ways to count numbers 0-100. We are counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. We are finding patterns in our calendar routines and in our days in school number line. We are working our understanding place value. This helps with understanding greater and less than, especially with the larger numbers. This number knowledge leads to addition and subtraction. We will learn about different shapes, 2D and 3D. We will also learn about weight and capacity.
    Social Studies: We will work together to build our classroom community and learn about our world around us. We will learn about traditions, in our family and around the world. We will also learn about all the special holidays celebrated throughout the year. We will learn about American Symbols, like the flag and bald eagle. We will learn about our community and even make a minuture model of the town we live in. 
    Science: Throughout the year we will learn about weather, forces and motion, and plants and animals. To reinforce what we are learning at school we will visit an apple orchard, pick apples and learn more about seasons, weather, and plants. We will have a visit from a farmer who will bring us eggs we will have to care for, then watch hatch. Then, we get to care for the chicks! We will also visit Riverbend to learn more about animal habitats with hands on learning.  

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