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    Michelle Winn

    Hala Al-Yaqubi



    Mission Statement:

    Inspired by the unique cultural diversity represented by Ithan Elementary School’s (IES) student body, Ithan parents formed the Multicultural Committee in 2004. The committee of the Parent/Teacher Organization sponsors various events throughout the year to celebrate cultural diversity. It seeks to raise awareness about dierent cultures so that the school community can learn from each other and grow.  


    IES Multicultural Events for 2019-2020: 

    September 24 - Meet-and-Greet breakfast at Radwyn Apartments
    January 27 - January 31 - International Week (Greece)
    January 31 - International Potluck Dinner (Cafetorium) from 6:30 - 8pm

    International Week celebrates and explores Greece! 

    greekflag  athens

    January 27 –January 31

    IES PTO Multicultural Committee is excited to introduce Greece this year. We will take students to a country of unique cultural heritage where history is etched into every corner while coexisting with modern art and current construction. Students will hear about Greek Mythology and marvel at the evolution of the Olympic Games. The language and food of this beautiful country in southeast Europe will captivate us all. We hope you will join us as we discover this dynamic place!