Geo-Fencing Coming Soon to RHS

  • Radnor Township School District and Radnor High School are committed to empowering students and teachers to utilize technology to enhance the educational experience. To support the most effective use of district-owned mobile devices, such as iPads, the district is preparing to implement a technology at RHS known as “geo-fencing,” which allows for greater management of the applications (apps) that are accessible on district-owned mobile devices while students are on district property.

    Geo-fencing works by creating location or geographical boundaries based on longitude and latitude. Specified mobile devices located within these boundaries can be managed by established district policies. The medical, financial and telecommunications industries, among others, utilize geo-fencing technology.

    Once the geo-fencing is activated at RHS and a student enters campus with a district-owned mobile device, such as an iPad, the apps on that device will be restricted to just those apps that have been approved and installed by the district. Once the student leaves campus, the iPad will permit access to district-installed apps as well as student-installed apps. It is important to note that geo-fencing is not content filtering and the technology does not permit remote access to a device’s features, such as volume or the camera.

    District technology personnel are working diligently to activate geo-fencing as soon as certain configurations are in place. The goal is for this to occur within the next two or three weeks. We will keep you informed as we approach activation.

    Thank you for your support as we work to create the most innovative and productive learning experience for our students.

    (Message first published in October 2, 2016 Radnor Reader)