Submitting Electronic Absence Notes

  • Absence notes may be submitted to the school as an email attachment with the following guidelines.

    Directions on submitting electronic absence notes:

    1. Parent or guardian writes the absence note on a piece of paper or yellow card. (A written excuse must contain the following information: (1) name of the student; (2) student grade level; (3) the date(s) of the absence; (4) the reason for the absence; and (5) a parent or legal guardian’s signature)
    2. Parent/guardian signs the note. 
    3. Parent/guardian scans the note or takes a picture of the note.
    4. Parent attaches scanned note/picture of note to an email. 
    5. Parent/guardian sends the message to the designated email address for absence notes. (Each school building has its own attendance email account.)

    Please follow these email guidelines:

    • NO electronic signatures will be accepted.
    • ONLY emails with a signed absence note attached will be accepted.
    • Emailed notes MUST be sent to the designated email account (Only at the elementary level should the classroom teacher be CC'd).
    • Notes must contain the date of absence, student’s name, grade level, reason for absence and parent/guardian signature.
    • The designated email account is for absence notes only. All other content should be sent to a school staff member directly.

Official Absence Excuse Card