Science Fair

  • Science Fair


  • WHO: All WES Students

    WHAT: Student are encouraged to submit an Invention, Experiment or Demonstration for a Science Fair project. Join in on the Science Fair fun and share your interest in science and technology with other students. All students (K-5) are encouraged to participate. Students should work at their own level and on projects they enjoy.  Students can work individually or in a small group of no more than 3 students. 

    WHERE: WES Little Theatre & Cafeteria

    WHEN: Project Drop Off - Tuesday, February 18, 3:40-7PM.

                Class Room visits - Wednesday and Thursday, February 19 & February 20

                Exhibition Night - Thursday, February 20, 6:30-8PM

    HOW: Projects will be displayed in the Little Theatre throughout the school day on February 19 and February 20, 2020. All Students will have a chance to view the exhibits with their classrooms on these days. 

    PRESENT YOUR PROJECT: Plan on explaining your project to classmates and exhibition visitors during the Science Fair exhibit night on Thursday, February 20. Students in 4thand 5thgrade are asked to remain with their project from 6:00 to 6:45pm to answer questions about their projects. 

    Bring Project Home: If you do not want to use your project for the STEM night, please take it home with you at the end of the Science Fair on February 20.

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    Students are encouraged to submit an Invention, Experiment or Demonstration for a Science Fair project. Present your project on a tri-fold presentation board, available at most craft or office supply stores.

    For Experiments, remember to show you used the “Scientific Method”. The steps of the Scientific Method are: 

    • Define the problem/Find a purpose
    • Write a hypothesis
    • Develop a procedure to test hypothesis
    • Analyze results
    • Draw a conclusion in your own words
  • science fair

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  • If you have great ideas for gadgets and contraptions that could solve problems or make life easier. We would love to see them! This is where your imagination can take over.

    Helpful Hints: Make a diagram or drawing of your invention. Make a model of your idea or an actual working product.


  • Ask a question or describe a problem and then devise a test that leads to the answer or solution. Apply the Scientific Method described below. 

    Helpful Hints: Have you wondered how fossils are formed? How do your lungs work? Demonstrate your answers to these questions or your own question.


  • Explain an aspect of scientific or mathematic knowledge that you think is interesting and that you would like to share with the school.

    Helpful Hints: Share your data on a poster, a report, graphs, charts or pictures.

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