General Information

  • 8th Grade Algebra 1 Honors Placement Criteria

    Common Assessment (chapter tests) average of 90% and score in 90th percentile on MAP test and 90% on Algebra 1 Prerequisite Skills Test. An override is available for a common assessment average and/or MAP percentile of 87-89% to be able to sit for the Algebra 1 Prerequisite Skills Test. A 90% or higher is still required for the skills test.


    Algebra 1 Prerequisite Skills Assessment Prep Sessions

    Registration available: February 23 through March 9


    The Algebra 1 Prerequisite Skills Evidence of Mastery Assessment is scheduled for

    May 14 & 15, 2020.

    Session Description: The Algebra 1 prep sessions will be conducted online via Schoology. Students will have between March 9 and May 13 to participate in the lessons that will be posted in the Schoology Group. Lessons will include video recordings of RMS teachers conducting lessons on the content that will appear on the Algebra 1 Pre-requisite Skills Assessment. Students will have access to practice problems and answers so that they may check their work. The access to instruction online will allow students to move through the content at their own pace, as well as pause and review the instruction multiple times, as needed.  Students will have access to the content 24/7 from any internet-connected device between March 9 and May 13. 

    • Students MUST register in advance, no later than March 9, 2020. Registration form is available below.
    • Participation in the prep sessions is optional and is NOT required to take the assessment, but is strongly encouraged.

    In addition to the online course, RMS will offer a Math Help Center beginning March 9 that will be available on even days of the cycle.  In the morning on even cycle days from 7:25 AM to 7:40 AM, students may go to room 405 and see Mr. Scancella to ask questions.  In the afternoon on even cycle days from 2:40 PM to 2:55 PM, students may go to room 318 and see Mrs. Kindred to ask questions.

    In the event that a student does not have access to a computer or internet, please reach out to your guidance counselor.

    For additional information or questions, contact Nicole Kindred at or Jim Scancella at