Parent Input for Homeroom Class Placement

  • Student placement is a critical educational process based on criteria serving educational purposes. Below is a brief bulleted description of this process:

    • The building process is initiated in May
    • The current classroom teacher individually reviews student strengths and needs to group their students for class placement.
    • Grade level teams convene to coordinate placement and create heterogeneous learning groups with consideration to gender, academic levels, diversity, student strengths and needs, with a goal towards creating a positive learning community.
    • Specialists and Support Teachers have an opportunity to collaborate throughout the process.
    • Class lists are generated.
    • Changes are rare and must be based on data.

    The professionals involved in the school setting, out of concern for the total school program, maintain the right and the responsibility for placement. We understand that parents are also interested in providing feedback. Please understand that we cannot honor requests for specific teachers. Children’s needs and programming will be the primary considerations for student placement.

    If parents would like to share information about their child regarding placement, they should complete the form here. Because of the involved nature of the classroom placement process, information received after April 30 cannot be considered. 

    Please contact school counselor Mrs. Sarah Casey or assistant principal Mrs. Heather Esposito if you have questions about placement.