• In an effort to continuously evaluate our educational offerings and programming for areas of potential improvement, we are currently studying technology integration and student device use in all of our schools. This review will enable us to assess both the educational and financial impact of the current use of devices.

    A 30-member Technology Integration Study Committee has been formed and is comprised of teachers, parents, administrators, School Board members, community members and students. The group is committed to answering the following main questions:

    • How do devices currently impact teaching and learning in RTSD?
    • How could/should devices enhance teaching and learning in RTSD?
    • What device(s) and level(s) of access provide the optimal learning experience and best meet district goals?
    • What is the financial impact of the recommended program on our budget?

Technology in RTSD for 2019-20

  • Coming in 2019-20: Comprehensive Support and Software for Versatile Devices Students Can Keep

    RTSD is thankful to the staff members, students and community members who worked together over the last two and a half years to study technology integration within and beyond Radnor. 

    One result of this work will begin the 2019-2020 school year, when each Radnor High School student in grades 9-11 will be provided a Microsoft Surface Go full-service touchscreen tablet/laptop. An annual fee of $139 per student will be collected to cover the use of the device, one Surface Go stylus, a case and keyboard. Software and support will also be included for enrolled students, including Office 365, academic software required for all enrolled courses, filtering and security software, technology support, and insurance. Repairs, with some limitations and deductibles, are also included. Students who pay four or more annual technology payments will be gifted their Surface Go, keyboard and case upon graduation or upon leaving Radnor High School.

    More information on technology throughout RTSD can be viewed here and on this one-page informational document.

    PLEASE NOTE: Families who may be experiencing financial difficulties or trouble accessing the internet at home are asked to contact their school principal or counselor for assistance.

Study Committee

  • RTSD Administration 

    • Ken Batchelor, RTSD Superintendent
    • Dan Bechtold, RHS Principal
    • Tronya Boylan, IES Principal 
    • Michelle Diekow, RTSD Business Administrator
    • James Kearney, RTSD Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning
    • Douglas Kent, RMS Assistant Principal 
    • PT Kevgas, RHS Assistant Principal
    • Byron McCook, RTSD Director of Information Technology 
    • Maureen McQuiggan, RTSD Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning 
    • Kelly Murray, RTSD Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning 
    • Gabe Savage, WES Assistant Principal 

    RTSD School Board

    • Amy Goldman
    • Susan Stern  

    RTSD Teachers 

    • Susan Barnes, RMS Teacher
    • Enissa Borine, WES Teacher 
    • Libby Cornman, RES Teacher
    • Ryan Frost, RHS Teacher 
    • Stephen Ludwig, RMS Teacher
    • Charlene Mastro, RHS Teacher
    • Mike McBride, RHS Teacher
    • Janee Peterson, RHS Teacher 
    • Matt Torresani, RHS Teacher 

    RTSD Technology Staff

    • Chris Augustine, RTSD 
    • Edna Simon, RHS 
    • Cheong Tsang, RTSD 


    • Justin Kalan, RHS Student
    • Brooke McCormick, RHS Student
    • Natalina McGrath, RHS Parent
    • Kate McKenna, RTSD K-12 Technology Coach
    • Ben Snydes, Citizens Advisory Committee Member
    • Beth Zigmont, RTSD K-8 STEM Coach

    If you are interested in being a part of the study committee, email Dr. Maureen McQuiggan.