2019-20 Parking Information

  • As in previous years, there continues to be limited parking space available for seniors on our campus. Seniors will be given the opportunity to obtain a 2019-20 parking permit through a selection and lottery process. Seniors must complete the RHS Parking: Student Information Card and an open campus form that will be mailed home in late July, and submit both to Mr. Thomas, in the main office. The deadline to return the information is Friday, August 23 to be eligible for a chance to obtain a parking permit. Please be aware that any student that received an ‘F’ as a final grade in the prior year will not be eligible for a parking space.

    Parking permits are available for seniors only. Each permit will be issued per the lottery and permit the student to park in any space in the lower lot, upper lot, or wedge lot on a first come first serve basis. Students are not permitted to park in the staff spaces at any time. After two tickets for parking illegally, if the same car is parked illegally a third time on campus, that car will be towed. Starting Tuesday, September 3, all cars on campus must have a permit to park. Cars parked on campus illegally will be fined, towed, and parking privileges may be revoked for any junior who parks on campus. If a senior on the waiting list parks illegally they will be removed from the waiting list.

    Parking is a privilege, not a right. This summer, a parking letter will be mailed to the Class of 2020 asking seniors to choose from one of three options. Those options are:

    1. Sharing – A senior will find another senior and agree to share a spot. (Think roommates in college.) It is incumbent upon both students, and both families to determine how the spot will be shared. Should issues arise, students must work it out on their own, or find another pair of seniors willing to switch partners. Students who agree to the sharing option will be guaranteed one (1) spot to share for the entire year.
    2. Semester – A senior will choose if they want to park either the first semester or the second semester. (Think AM/PM Kindergarten.) A student who selects the semester option will not have to share, and will be guaranteed one (1) spot to use for the selected semester.
    3. Lottery – A senior will put their name in a lottery for a full year spot that they do not have to share. The lottery spots will be randomly drawn after sharing and semester spots have been reserved. Should a senior choose the lottery option and not get a spot due to limited availability, they will be placed on the waitlist and will not be able to change to sharing or semester options after the fact. There is no guarantee of getting a spot if you select the lottery option.

    Following the selection and lottery process, each senior who is assigned a hang tag will receive an email. Selected students will need to complete a Student Parking Privilege Agreement. This completed agreement must be submitted to Mrs. Martin. Paperwork may be submitted August 26-30, between the hours of 8-11 a.m. In addition to the completed agreement, students must bring a photo copy of the student’s valid driver’s license, a copy of current auto insurance information, a copy of car registration, and a $75 fee ($37.50 per student for sharing and semester option. Cash or check make payable to Radnor High School). Students who elected the lottery or the fall semester option and do not have a valid driver’s license by Friday, September 7 will be placed on the waiting list.

    Those who do not submit all of the appropriate paperwork, or those who have not resolved their outstanding debts by Friday, September 6 will be placed on the waiting list. 

    A numbered hang tag will be issued and must be displayed on the rear view mirror at all times while the vehicle is on campus. Students may only park in their assigned lots, or along the new road by the upper lot in the numbered spots. If students need to temporarily take a different vehicle, the hang tag must be displayed in the temporary vehicle while on campus. If the original vehicle is no longer in use, the information for the new vehicle must be registered with Mrs. Martin.

    See Radnor Township School District Policy #223 for official parking rules and additional information.