• Mrs. Baker’s Classroom Supply List 2017-2018


    The following is an inclusive list of supplies which your child will use this year in our classroom community.

    If you have already purchased supplies from the General Fourth Grade Supply List, please delete those supplies from this list.

    • Please label all supplies with your child’s name and replenish as needed.
    • Please bring all supplies the first day of school.
    • $8:00 (cash) for Scholastic News Magazine. Please place money in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it.


    (1) large pencil box (rectangular shape: 13x5)

    (1) small pencil box (rectangular shape: 5x8)

    (4) folders labeled with the following subjects: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math

    (1) poly see-through string envelope (letter-size; side opening) labeled Take Home Folder

    (1) looseleaf binder (1 inch) filled with wide-ruled looseleaf paper

    (3) red pens, 3 green pens and 3 blue or black pens (No erasable pens, please)

    (1) package of Ticonderoga pencils This brand tends to last the longest.

    (1) box of large paperclips

    (1) centimeter/inch ruler

    (1) protractor

    (1) compass

    (7) composition copybooks. (No spiral copybooks, please) 

    You might find it helpful to purchase the compositions books in different colors and labeled: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Journal Writing, Reading, Vocabulary and Math. 

    SUGGESTION: Purchase extra copybooks now. When you need a replacement, it is much more convenient to retrieve a copybook from a home cabinet than it is to run to the store.

    (1) package of assorted highlighting markers (No retractable markers, please)

    (3) packages of 2x2 Post-its®

    (2) packages of Post-it® flags, 3/8”x1 7/10”. (Assorted Standard colors, 35 Flags per pad, Pack of 4 colors).

    (1) glue stick

    (2) rolls of Scotch Tape® in dispensers 

    (1) box of crayons

    (1) medium-sized stapler and staples

    (1) personal-size pencil sharpener with container to collect shavings

    (1) package of dry-erase markers (no retractable markers, please)

    (2) boxes of tissues

    (1) earbuds or headphones 

    (1) Black Magazine File The width needs to be 5 inches on the magazine file or it will not fit    optimally on table tops.

    The following novels may be purchased as paperbacks or e-books.Additional novels may be included in our academic year. If other novels are requested, I will be sure to provide ample notice. Please do not have your child read these books in advance. They are best enjoyed together as a class.

    (1) copy of the novel: Loser by Jerry Spinelli (This will be our initial novel)

    (1) copy of the novel: Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare


    Personal Supplies:

    (2) current, wallet-sized pictures of your child

    (1) old, clean, white sock

    (1) picture of your child’s favorite tree


    Optional Supplies But Greatly Appreciated!

    1 spray bottle of Seventh Generation Multi-surface Cleaner (lemon grass citrus scent)

    1 Lysol Wipes