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    5th-Grade Co-Chairs: Vee Marzullo and Siobhan Welsh

    The tradition at RES is to make our 5th-graders' last year unforgettable in many ways. The RES PTO 5th-grade committee, led by 5th-grade parents, organizes activities, and special events to celebrate our 5th-grade students during their final year at RES.

     In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we may organize virtual activities and experiences instead of in-person events for our 5th-graders. We will keep you updated as soon as decisions are made.

  • Plans are underway to make this year a guaranteed fun, unforgettable one for our 5th-graders. 2020 will be a legendary year, and Radnor is still flying high! With this new twist in our lives, we have a galaxy of new possibilities to create lasting memories of our 5th-graders’ last year at RES. They are part of the RES history, their journey through time at our school must be footprints left in stone, and we need a little help from you to get this good thing going.


    Your Contribution

    $80 per student will help pay for: 

    • The yearbook - A keepsake that will be carefully designed. The real deal! Printed in vibrant colors to make your child’s smile sparkle on many pages. Every picture will tell a story of your child(ren) at RES. Your family will cherish that book for decades.

    • The fall party We feel it is our responsibility to get the most value out of your donations and your children’s time. Because of the on-going health and safety guidelines that have significantly restricted our choices for our fall event, we have decided to save your money and apply it to our next events. We will be issuing partial refunds from your registration fee should we not spend all the funds by the end of the school year. Thank you for understanding during these difficult times. We want to thank every one of you for supporting our 5th-graders and their committee through it all.

    • The spring pool party We will make a splash at a pool nearby and enjoy pizzas, snacks, water ice, games, and more.

    • The year-end recognition ceremony We will celebrate our child(ren) at a special ceremony to recognize their time at RES.

    • A donation to our school from the 5th-Graders – We plan on offering the school a wood carving of our new mascot, the red-tail hawk “Rocky,” that will be placed in the garden, at the drop-off circle.

    Important: The 5th-grade activities are available to all and every RES student regardless of financial situations. Contact our RES Counselor, Mrs. Casey, at sarah.casey@rtsd.org or our Principal, Dr. Stevenson, at anthony.stevenson@rtsd.org, who will gladly assist you. All requests are strictly confidential.

    Note: Should we not use your entire contribution, we guarantee a partial refund.  


    Photos For The Yearbook 

    • Please send us:

      • one baby photo (under the age of 5, the younger, the better) before December 11th, 2020.
      • any other pictures of your 5th-grader throughout their year(s) at Radnor Elementary from Kindergarten by February 28th, 2021.

    • All photos must be related to or taken at our school only, school and PTO events, virtual or in-person. We cannot accept birthday, athletic, vacations, and similar personal photos.



    1. IMPORTANT! Before uploading your image (s), you must name them. Use the first and last names of your child(ren) and RES/PTO event, if possible. 
    2. Go on our Lifetouch/Shutterfly webpage HERE
    3. Choose the folder(s) to which you want to upload your photo(s) (e.g., “First Grade,” “BABY PHOTO Mr. Mancini’s 5th-Graders” or “4th-Grade Circus,” etc.)
    4. Select “Add Pictures”
    5. On the top left, select where your photo(s) reside(s) and, from the middle of the page, select “Choose Photos” and upload them.
      • you can rename your photo once it is uploaded by hovering your cursor on the photo, select the white arrow, "edit picture info" and enter the name in the "site title"

     (Detailed Flyer here)


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