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     2018/2019 5th-Grade Activities

    Co-chairs Danielle DeHoratiusLeigh Gourmand and Jessica Wingerter

    The tradition at RES has long been to make our 5th-graders' last year unforgettable in many ways. The RES PTO 5th-grade committee, led by 5th-grade parents, organizes activities and special events to celebrate our 5th-grade students during their final year at RES.

    We provide each student with a yearbook complete with baby pictures and photos from each of their years spent at RES, as well as a slideshow showcased at the end of the year.

    We will coordinate recognition class gifts at the end of the year.  

    We will host a special party later this year, Party contact, Jessica Wingerter and we will also organize a fabulous year-end graduation ceremony, Graduation contact, Jannie Lau

    Save the Date to party on Friday, January 25, 2019

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    The extraordinary 5th Grade Class of 2026 will be having their 1st party of the year on January 25, 2019, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the RMS cafeteria. 
    We will have a DJ, photo booth, games, snacks, and relays! The winning class will be presented the brand new and coveted class trophy for their teacher to keep for the rest of the year! 
    Wear your Radnor Pride attire for what is sure to be a night to go down in the History books!

    We require a contribution of $80 per child registered to help cover the expenses. The RES PTO would like to ensure that all 5th-grade activities are available to all RES students. Contact our RES guidance counselor, Mrs. Sarah Casey, via email or phone at 610-788-9300 ext. 2364 for financial assistance. All requests remain strictly confidential.

    Register with the form below by Friday, November 7, 2018

    Once you are registered online, we will need from you one photo of your child as a baby and any shots from their years at Radnor Elementary School and then create a free account at barksdale.pixami.com

    1. Select “Photo Post” and register for free. Enter your state, city, and school to find Radnor Elementary.
    2. Upload your photos to the existing corresponding folders (should you not find the appropriate folder, download your photos in the “Miscellaneous” folder with a descriptive photo name
    3. Submit your child's baby picture in the “Baby Pictures” folder with your child’s teacher’s name (e.g., “Serpico for Mr. Serpico’s students.”

    Baby photos must be uploaded by November 25, 2018
    Other photos must be uploaded by March 15, 2019

    These dates are fixed as per Barksdale's deadline constraints

    Notes: Photos from non-school events such as birthday parties, sporting events, summer gatherings, etc. cannot be used in the yearbook. We make every effort to include photos of every child in the 5th-grade yearbook so the more photos downloaded on Barksdale.com the more chances to see your child’s happy face on many pages. Some of the RES events we would love to receive photos from are: Kindergarten events, 2nd-grade events, End of year parties, 4th Grade Chorus & Concerts, Trunk or Treat, Field Day, Bee Man Field Trip, Recorder Concert, Holiday Parties, Circus, Potluck dinner and so many more!

    Important: Families are not permitted to take pictures during the performances of the Musical Theater. Professional photos will be shot and we will be able to use them as well as those from last year's performance.
    Inquiries regarding the yearbook photos, contact Christine Frascella

    We need volunteers! please contact us if you are willing and able to contribute in any way possible. It is truly an exceptional year for our 5th-graders, and they are always looking forward to the many celebrations and recognition. Please consider contributing to a successful final year for our 5th-graders.
    Inquiries regarding volunteering, contact LeighGourmand

    A short questionnaire will be handed out to your child during class, for them to fill out asking them "What was your favorite memory of RES?", "What do you want to be when you grow up?" etc. 

    The questionnaire must be returned to Christine Frascella by December 14, 2018

    We will continue to inform and update you on our progress and activities on this webpage so stay tuned!

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