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     2019-2020 5th-Grade Activities

    Co-chairs: Tamara Balabanyan and Jamie Fowler

    The tradition at RES has long been to make our 5th-graders' last year unforgettable in many ways. The RES PTO 5th-grade committee, led by 5th-grade parents, organizes activities and special events to celebrate our 5th-grade students during their final year at RES.

    We provide each student with a yearbook complete with baby pictures and photos from each of their years spent at RES, as well as a slideshow showcased at the end of the year.

    We will coordinate recognition class gifts at the end of the year.  

    We will host a special party later this year, (party contacts: Tamara Balabanyan and Jamie Fowler) and we will also organize a fabulous year-end graduation ceremony (graduation contact: Gerda Strak


  • Check back soon for information regarding the 5th grade class party!



    Inquiries regarding the yearbook should be directed to Noelle Heckscher

    Important Shutterfly Details: Parents will need a Shutterfly account to access our yearbook account. We ask that you upload a photo of your child on the first day of kindergarten. Photos can be uploaded on Shutterfly via our share site. Please note: Name the photo with the name of your child so we know who each child is.

    Deadline to submit your form: JANUARY 16, 2020


    We need volunteers! please contact us if you are willing and able to contribute in any way possible. It is truly an exceptional year for our 5th-graders, and they are always looking forward to the many celebrations and recognition. Please consider contributing to a successful final year for our 5th-graders.

    Inquiries regarding volunteering, contact Jamie Fowler and Tamara Balabanyan


    We require a contribution of $80 per child registered to help cover the expenses.

    The RES PTO would like to ensure that all 5th-grade activities are available to all RES students. Contact our RES principal, Dr. Stevenson, via email or phone at 610-788-9300 ext. 2360 for financial assistance. All requests remain strictly confidential.


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