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    RTSD PTOs use an online database called Membership Toolkit (MTK) to send their email communications and provide a directory for their families. Registration for the 2021/2022 MTK directory is OPEN for district families K through 12. 

    VERY IMPORTANT ACTION NEEDED: Please review/update your contact information by clicking "Family Information". Please also ensure you click through all the steps until you reach the "save" button. You then can update your privacy settings allowing you control of the content viewable in the directory. Click the link above to begin the process of confirming your data.

    HOW TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP: Do not let your membership lapse. Enjoy continuity with viewing the directory by renewing your membership today! Renewing is easy. On "Your Family Account's Page", scroll down to the "Store & Data Forms" box. Click "Membership 2020-2021" and follow the steps to renew! The PTOs use Membership ToolKit for ALL of their communications including monthly e-newsletters and volunteer signups.

    Questions or trouble accessing your account? Please email us at

    Directory Access Fundraiser

    Purchase access to the directory on an annual basis: Access contact information for RTSD families registered in MTK across our 5 schools AND Search elementary school class rosters and middle school teams 

    The price remains the same as last year, $10 for individual access and $20 for family access.  We raised over $11,000 last year (2020-2021) and wish to thank everyone who supported this effort!

    Thank you for supporting your RTSD PTOs!


    Please note: 

    The PTOs only electronic communication method is Membership Toolkit. The PTOs and the District maintain separate databases and communication channels. For a full list of RTSD’s modes of communication click here.