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Radnor Speaker Series

The Radnor Speaker Series was a private school / public school partnership between the Radnor Township School District parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) and The Agnes Irwin School. Each year, these organizations welcomed a nationally known speaker/author to speak to the Radnor Township community on topics relevant to parenting and the health and wellbeing of our children.

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RTSD PTOs Speaker Chairpersons: Katie Brooks and Mary McGohon Balch

Past Presentations

  • 2019-20: Ryan Leaf

    Ryan Leaf, the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, spoke to the community about addiction and sobriety.  Tracing his journey to sobriety, Mr. Leaf will discuss topics such as the stress and pressures of being a successful teenager, drunk driving, gateway drugs, peer pressure, bullying and self-harm.

    2018-19: Dr. Wendy Mogel

    "Voice Lessons for Parents" 

    For more information about Dr. Wendy Mogel: https://www.wendymogel.com/

    2017-18:  Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard

    “Anxious Child?  Worried Parent? Positive Parenting Strategies for Less Worrying and More Connection”

    For more information about Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard:  www.katherinedahlsgaard.com

    2016-17:  Rosalind Wiseman

    “Creating a Culture of Dignity for Boys and Girls”

    For more information about Rosalind Wiseman:  www.culturesofdignity.com

    2015-16:  Chris Herren

    “Unguarded…A Conversation with Chris Herren about Addiction and Recovery”

    For more information about Chris Herren:  www.theherrenproject.org

    2014-15:  Catherine Steiner-Adair, ED.D

    “The Big Disconnect – Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age”

    For more information about Catherine Steiner-Adair:  www.catherinesteineradair.com

    2013-14:  Rachel Simmons

    “Odd Kid Out:  The Hidden Culture of Relational Aggression in Boys & Girls”

    For more information about Rachel Simmons:  www.rachelsimmons.com

    2012-13:  Dr. Ken Ginsburg

    “Resilience in Action:  Raising Children & Adolescents Who are Prepared to Thrive”

    For more information about Dr. Ken Ginsburg:  www.fosteringresilience.com

    • Podcast of Dr. Ginsburg’s Parent Presentation