Recorder Karate

  • Dear Third Graders and Parents of Third Graders,

    This year I will again be implementing an optional “recorder karate” program with my third grade recorder students. During the school year, students may choose to practice a selected piece in order to earn a “belt” which will be tied onto their recorder upon demonstrated mastery of the selected song. Songs and their corresponding belts must be attained in the listed order. We will plan on designating the first music class of each month as the class in which students can attempt to earn their belt. I will give reminders to classes the week before our “karate class.” Please keep this in mind: this is an optional activity meant as an incentive towards practicing and improving upon recorder skills. It is in addition to, and does not take the place of regular practice homework and recorder test pieces throughout the year. Students may play for a belt at any time in the year, however they must follow the sequential order. In other words, a student can still earn a white belt in January (even though this first karate belt will be offered for those who master the song in October).

    Follow these steps for successful practicing as you work towards earning your black belt: 1. Clap and speak the rhythm of the song; 2. Finger and sing the letter names; 3. Play the song on your recorder (giving extra “chunking” practice to any problem spots).

    Check my teacher page on the Ithan page of our RTSD website for a copy of this paper as well as any updates.

    Have fun, good luck and happy practicing,

    Mrs. Hacker

Karate Belt Songs (In Order)

  • White – Au Claire de la Lune (p. 7)

    Yellow – Indian Chant (p.11)

    Orange – Pizza Polka (p. 15)

    Green --- Chi Chi Cha Cha (p.19)

    Blue – Indian Dance (p.21)

    Purple – Square Dance (p. 23)

    Brown -- Excerpt from Symphony No. 9 (p 26)

    Red – selected song from Recorder concert program or TBD

    Black – selected song from Recorder concert program or TBD