Concussion Resources

  • TBI-Concussion

    The information provided below are resources from nationally recognized organizations specializing in concussions. The information provided should not be viewed as replacement for medical advice or medical care. Those who are suspected of having a concussion should be seen by an appropriately trained medical professional.

    RTSD School Nurses utilize this checklist when a student presents in their health office with a head injury and they are suspecting a concussion. In such instances our school nurses make every effort to contact the student's parent and may recommend that the student should be seen by their primary care doctor.

    In 2016 the National Association of School Nurses provided this document that outlines the roles of school nurses in regards to concussions.

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides this video explaining What is a Concussion?

    The National Institute of Health provides the following regarding multiple health conditions. This link will take you to their page specifically on concussions.

    The CDC provides this document  that outlines the signs and symptoms of a concussion.