Gifted Contact Information

  • Please direct your questions about our academic services for advanced learners to your child’s Teacher of Gifted Learners by email or phone. General inquiries about Gifted Education in RTSD can be directed to Jenny Le Sage or George Reigle. 

    Central Office Administrators

    Director of Special Education
    Jenny Le Sage
    610-688-8100 x6087

    Gifted Supervisor
    George Reigle
    610-688-8100 x6116

    Teachers of Gifted Learners

    Ithan Elementary School
    Julie Benn
    610-527-1357 x5247

    Radnor Elementary School
    Chelsea Werlinsky
    610-788-9300 x2366

    Wayne Elementary School
    Rachel Reynolds
    610-687-8480 x4283

    Radnor Middle School
    Ashlee Bailey
    610-386-6300 x7426

    Franco Fiorini  
    610-386-6300 x7225

    Anna Ivanenko
    610-386-6300 x7234

    Radnor High School
    Brian Dietzler
    610-293-0855 x3773

    Ryan Frost
    610-293-0855 x3734

    Glen Jaskelelwicz

    Aaron Kim
    610-293-0855 x3797

    T.J. Neary
    610-293-0855 x3776

    Steffi Pugh
    610-293-0855 x3680

    Bob Spear
    610-293-0855 x3819