• Please provide your child with a healthy snack each day.  We will have a short time for snack each morning.  Our lunchtime is at 12:30, so we have a shorter afternoon. I suggest every child brings along a morning snack each day. The following is a list of suggestions: 

    Fresh or dried fruit
    Raw vegetables
    Crackers (and cheese or hummus)
    Granola bar

    The children will not have time to prepare their snack in any way.  Apples should be washed and ready to eat, oranges should be peeled and broken into sections.  Please provide your child with a spoon (if applicable) and napkin. I do keep a supply of donations in the room for those times when spoons and/or napkins are forgotten.

    Students may also keep a bottle of water at their desk, provided it is spill-proof! A reusable bottle would be great... I am trying to promote being green!