Important Information


    When your child is absent please contact the office on the Safe Arrival number (610) 788-2370. When he/she returns please fill out and send in the yellow excuse card.


    I will send home a birthday reader form to arrange a time for you to come read a birthday book to the class! If you are unavailable to come in and read, feel free to send another family member or a book for me to share.


    Please write a note if you have a change of plans for afternoon dismissal. Please contact the office during the day if there is an unexpected dismissal change, as I do not always have a chance to check my email prior to dismissal.


    We have homework mostly every night, except Fridays. It is usually math, word study and reading!


    Please have your child bring back their Library book on Day 2.


    When you send in lunch money, please make sure your student's name and student ID is on the envelope. Please monitor your student's account balance to ensure they have enough money for lunch and snacks. Please also help your child memorize his/her lunch number.


    If your child requires medication, please contact the school Nurse. Medicine can be sent in a plastic bag with your student's name attached.


    We will go outside for recess as much as possible! Please dress your child appropriately and label all your child's outerwear: jackets, hats, etc. The children have recess after lunch.


    This year, the first grade snack time will be in the afternoon.  Please be sure to send in a small, healthy, PEANUT-FREE snack with your son/daughter each day (no candy, please!)!  

    We only have a short time for snack, so the children will not have time to "prepare" their snack (e.g. apples should be washed and ready to eat, oranges should be peeled and broken into sections). Please provide your child with a spoon if needed.

    Also, be sure to pack your child's snack separately from his/her lunch to avoid any confusion. Note: This does not mean your child's lunch needs to be peanut free - just his/her snack! 

    Students may also keep a bottle of water at their desk, provided it is spill-proof! A reusable bottle would be great... I am trying to promote being green!  Juice and milk are ok for lunch, but the students are only permitted to have water in the classroom in order to avoid any sticky, messy situations!

    *IMPORTANT: Due to a number of allergies in our class, please only send in a PEANUT-FREE SNACK.

    Thank you so much for your support!