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  • 2020 RMS Ski Club Information

    Registration Opens at 12 noon today - CLICK HERE


    Here is the general infomation for the club. 2020 Info

    The Ski and Snowboard Club is a chance for the students of RMS to hit the slopes and share the excitement of skiing and snowboarding. This year's club will be run a little different than the last two years in that there will be one trip per grade. Although there will ot be as many trips for each student, more studetnts will be eligible to go.

    All trips will go to Blue Mountain in Plamerton, PA. Costs will range from $55-$100 depending if equipment and lessons are needed.

    1/31/20 - 7th Grade Trip

    2/7/20 - 6th Grade Trip

    2/21/20- 8th Grade Trip

    Sign ups will begin on Monday November 4th, 2019 @ 12 noon. Links/Forms will be posted on this website at that time. There will be 52 seats open for each trip. Once they are gone, there will be no others added. You will only be eligible to go on the trip for your grade.


    Do I need to know how to ski/snowboard?

    No, but you need to make sure your expectations are reasonable. If you have never skied or snowboarded before you should plan to take a lesson and plan to stay on the beginner slopes. Skiing and Snowbaording are difficult and they take time to really learn how to do it well. To expect to learn in one trip is unrealistic.

    If you have never ski/snowboarded before you must take a lesson.


    Does everyone have to Ski/Snowboard together?

    No. Like a trip to an amusement park, you will arrive together and depart together, but in between, you will be allowed to explore and enjoy the mountain. Chaperones will be skiing and enjoying the trips as well, keeping a general eye on things. There will always be a chaperone in the lodge at Base Camp.


    Could you get hurt while skiing or snowboarding?

    Yes. Which is why it’s important that all club members follow the rules of the mountain and make good choices while on the slopes. Accidents happen no matter what sport you are participating in and winter sports are no different. Skiers and Snowboarders need to know their limits and know when a situation is too risky.


    To be as safe as possible, ALL skiers and snowboarders will be required to wear a helmet.


    -Mr. Kelly