• The RTSD Library Curriculum utilizes research-based lessons adapted from the Common Sense Media (http://www.commonsense.org) curriculum.

    Listed below, you will find lessons covered in your child's library classes. Please be sure to review the content and objectives of each lesson in order to continue our Digital Citizenship dialogue at home. The entire scope and sequence can be found by visiting https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-citizenship/curriculum.

    Digital Citizenship Lessons Taught at Ithan Elementary


    Media Balance is Important, Pause for People, Safety in my Online Community

    1st Grade

    Pause and Think Online, How Technology Makes You Feel, Internet Traffic Light

    2nd Grade

    We the Digital Citizens, That's Private, Device Free Moments, Digital Trails, Who is in Your Online Community, Putting a STOP to Online Meanness, Let's Give Credit

    3rd Grade

    This Is Me, Our Digital Citizenship Pledge, Rings of Responsibility, Power of Words, Password Power-up, Is Seeing Believing?

    4th Grade

    Super Digital Citizen, A Creator's Rights and Responsibilities, My Media Choices, Our Online Tracks, Keeping Games Fun and Friendly. Private and Personal Information

    5th Grade

    Is It Cyberbullying, Digital Friendships, Reading News Online, Finding My Media Balance, Beyond Gender Stereotypes, You Won't Believe This





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