Radnor Middle School Mission Statement

  • Radnor Middle School, recognizing the unique needs of emerging adolescents, teaches its students to persevere and achieve, to assume responsibility, and to become involved in their own learning.

    Radnor Middle School is committed to developing students with a global perspective and understanding the world through disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies. The global competencies include:

    • Investigating the world beyond their immediate environment.
    • Recognizing perspectives-their own and others.
    • Communicating ideas effectively with diverse audiences.
    • Taking action: Students translate their ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions.
    • We are committed to the intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, physical, and social development of all students in a safe environment of intellectual rigor, responsible risk taking, and individuality.

    We are further committed to building a sense of community while encouraging respect for and service to others.

    To deliver this mission, we will provide:

    • A rigorous academic program that fosters success for each student.
    • Ample opportunities for expression in and appreciation of the arts.
    • A variety of opportunities for involvement in school and community service activities.
    • Support for the emotional, social, and learning needs of students.
    • A broad extracurricular program that includes intramural and interscholastic sports, clubs, and social events.