• Advisory period meets for 35 minutes every day. The goal of the Advisory program is to promote the principles of middle school education by providing an opportunity for teachers to serve as advisors to a small group of students. They may discuss various topics that include, but are not limited to, goal-setting, organization, check-ins, thought-provoking conversations related to school, community, and global events, and other group building initiatives. An advisory teacher can serve as a liaison between the student and other teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators, or serve as the contact point between school and home.

    Teachers allow students to check in with their various teachers about each class. Students should not be allowed to leave their advisory without a pass to the teacher they are attempting to see. Students who are not working with a teacher use the time as independent academic learning.

    Additionally, Music Ensembles (band, orchestra, and chorus), support, and Essentials classes run during the Advisory period. Students who elect to participate in a Music Ensemble class are scheduled to meet with their Director and fellow members of their grade level for rehearsal three (3) times per cycle. Students who are in need of extra support in math or reading are assigned to an “Essentials” course that also meets three (3) times per cycle. Eighth (8th) grade students, depending on schedule availability, may take an Essentials class during the course of the day, and these meet every other day.