Administrator/Counselor Looping

  • In order to develop stronger relationships with the students as they progress in their journey through the Middle School, the administrators and counselors are assigned to a specific grade level and “loop” with the students each year.  By keeping the administrator and counselor team together with each grade, a vertical connection can be made to support the students as they transition each year throughout the middle school, and to serve as a consistent point of contact and resource for the families of Radnor.

    For the 2019-2020 school year, the following pairs are assigned to each grade:

    • Class of 2026 - 6th Grade
      TBD, Asst. Principal
      Mr. Clyde Diehl, School Counselor

    • Class of 2025 - 7th Grade
      Dr. David Wiedlich, Principal
      Ms. Jamie Walkowiak, School Counselor

    • Class of 2024 - 8th Grade
      Dr. Douglas Kent, Asst. Principal
      TBD, School Counselor