Social Support

  • Following the AMLE Middle School Philosophy, the entire school takes ownership of the social, emotional, and academic growth of all students. The school has developed various programs and groups to lead and assist our students through the developmental years of middle school. Some of these programs include:

    • MS HOPE
    • Crisis Team
    • ASK (Alliance for Safe Kids)
    • Tragedy Management Team
    • No Place for Hate
    • irls’ Leadership Program
    • Olweus Anti-Bully Prevention Program
    • PAWS
    • WEB Transition Program
    • Mentoring (Teachers, Staff, Senior Community Center)
    • SpeakUp!
    • Minding Your Mind (Mental Health Speakers)
    • 6th Grade Guidance Lessons
    • Student Council
    • Best Buddies

    The Counseling Department serves as the greatest resource and first point of contact for families and students. Parents are always encouraged to contact their child's school counselor with questions regarding issues such as orientation and transitioning, scheduling, problem solving, goal setting, interpreting test results, academic achievement, and/or social and behavioral concerns. The counselors are available for confidential support in times of student crisis or family difficulty.  The role of a school counselor involves being a student advocate whether in disciplinary, academic, or social situations  The counselors are members of all of the RMS student support service teams.

    Additionally, as a greater emphasis is on Career Education and Work Standards, Chapter 13 will become apparent as the School Counseling Department develops and implements their comprehensive developmental guidance initiatives through the District 339 Plan. These supports focus on the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace specifically and the world beyond formal education more generally.