Course Scheduling

  • Overview 

    The Program of Studies (POS) presents the academic offerings and course descriptions offered at Radnor Middle School. Curriculum refinement is a dynamic process that never ends and is under continual review. Changes occur, as warranted, for each school year. The POS will be updated each year in early spring to coincide with student scheduling that begins at the same time. Day-to-day information, such as course syllabi, assessment information, and placement criteria, can be found on the Radnor Middle School Home Page at

    Placement Criteria

    Placement criteria for all levels of language arts and mathematics, as well as accelerated science and accelerated social studies classes, have been developed to identify student readiness and need for rigor, reading complexity, and critical thinking within their instruction. Various data from specific assessments have been designated for use in determining student placement for the upcoming school year. All criteria and guiding characteristics for student placement can be found at A Parent Override to access an Accelerated class is available for one subject/discipline (excluding math) per year.

    The Scheduling Process

    • Rising seventh (7th) grade students make their world language selection for their seventh (7th) grade year when they complete their World Exploratory course (either at the end of the first or second semester). Every effort is made to provide students with their first choice; however, class size and teacher availability determines the number of sections that will be offered.

    • Rising eighth (8th) grade students meet in early March for a presentation on available electives from which they are to choose. Again, every effort is made to provide students with their first choice; however, class size and teacher availability determine the number of sections that will be offered.

    • In early May, students who are interested in entering the random lottery for entry into an Integrated Program will attend informational meetings and submit their name for consideration. After the lottery is held, students and parents will have one (1) week to make a commitment to join the integrated course. Students who do not commit by the established deadline will be placed onto a traditional team and their slot will be given to the first student on the waiting list.

    • Once assessments are completed and compiled, teachers make their recommendations for the upcoming school year. These recommendations are posted on HAC (Home Access Center). Students and parents may review the recommendations as well as consult with the teachers regarding the placement. Rising sixth (6th) grade placements are mailed directly to the families. Parents and students who are considering committing to an Integrated Program should take into consideration their teacher-recommended placement before committing to the Integrated Program.

    • On the designated date (posted on HAC and the school’s website), the recommendations are closed and the school begins creating the master schedule.

    • Once PSSA results are returned to the school in early summer, course placements are reviewed, and the students’ schedules are finalized. If any changes occur at this point due to PSSA scores, students and parents are notified via mail. At this point, the only other changes made to schedules are those considered scheduling errors, or those considered to be academic misplacements by the teacher, counselor, and/or administration. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, failure to meet prerequisites or an improper level placement.

    • In late August, final schedules are posted on HAC. Students will be given a copy of their schedules on the first day of school.