• 6th Grade Crossroads Integrated Program

    Length:  Year

    Format:  A fully Integrated Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science program that meets for three (3) of the four (4) Core/Team periods.  Students also take Math and two (2) Encore courses.

    Description:  Crossroads covers the skills and content of the traditional sixth (6th) grade language arts, science, and social studies classes, but does so by integrating the learning around the common theme of culture.  Students study the cultures of their families, their community, our nation, and the world through both individual and cooperative projects that allow them opportunities to demonstrate what they learn.  Students are assessed on their performance on those projects and presentations, as well as through their performance on frequent writing tasks.  Student progress is reported via a series of narrative assessments.

    Content in Crossroads mirrors much of what is taught in the traditional sixth (6th) grade language arts, earth science, and geography/social studies curricula; however, the order and emphasis of instruction vary.  Crossroads is also not a “leveled” course.  Instead, teachers differentiate instruction on reading, writing, and thinking tasks, as appropriate, to meet individual student’s needs.  It is important to note that Crossroads does not use grades.  Ongoing formative assessment is rubric-driven and reported in narrative format on a regular and continuous basis.  In addition to many project-oriented learning experiences, Crossroads students also participate in approximately seven (7) field learning experiences each year.  These include, but are not limited to:  a study of the Philadelphia murals during our study of Culture of Community, a trip to Lackawanna Coal Mine and Eckley Miners’ Village during a unit on natural resources, and a visit to the Tenement Museum and Ellis Island during our study of Culture of Nations.


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