• PTO Grant Information

    Radnor High School teachers, staff and students  are encouraged to request funds through the PTO Grant program. The program supports ideas and initiatives that directly benefit and enhance student learning, inside or outside the classroom. Applicants must seek funding at least one-month prior to their event/program, and be prepared to discuss the request, how many students it would benefit, as well as overall impact on RHS. Grant awards may vary year to year, based on the current year PTO budget. The PTO Executive Board may cap awards at a set amount, give preference to new applicants over returning applicants, and/or request that applicants seek additional funding sources. Department chairs can will submit the request to Principal and Vice Principal (School Administration) for review. If approved, the request will be submitted to the PTO Board.

    PTO Grants are meant to cover unmet needs that fall outside of departmental funding. If the PTO cannot fund a request or provide the entire sum, applicants should tap other sources, such as Radnor Education Foundation, or other school monies.  The project must be a sustainable, tangible project which falls in line with the RHS PTO mission statement.

    1. The RHS PTO will offer gifts/donations to RHS in the amount agreed to by the PTO Executive board based on the fiscal year budget.
    2. Grants will be accepted on a rolling basis per each calendar school year, based upon the budget.
    3. The grant applications from all departments will be reviewed  by School Administration.
    4. ‘School Administration approved’ grants will then be forwarded to the PTO Executive Board for discussion at the next calendar planned PTO Executive Board Meeting.
    5. Grant recipients must provide the PTO with  a follow up of the program outcome, photos and acknowledge the PTO funding. 

    Grants may be funded from two different sources:

    1. Current Year School Grants– Grants that are to be paid with the current year’s operating revenue. The amount is determined as the amount needed to equalize Budgeted Expenditures with Budgeted Revenue to create a zero net income/ net loss.
    2. Surplus Funds Grants – Grants that are to be paid from prior year’s revenue exceeding expenditures. The amount is determined as the adjusted cash balance at the beginning of the fiscal year less the Reasonable Operating Reserve as defined above.

    These guidelines are not meant to include or exclude any financial support that the Board deems within its purview to support so long as it meets the general mission of the PTO as articulated in its Articles of Incorporation.

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