Parent Input for Homeroom Class Placement

  • Class Placement for the 2019-20 school year will be part of our school conversations over the next few months. The Wayne Elementary Staff, including Administrators, Guidance, Educational Coaches, Specialists, and Support Staff, in conjunction with the classroom teachers are all involved in providing feedback for the class placement process. We consider each student’s learning style as well as instructional, emotional, and behavioral needs. We further take into account equal representation of gender and diversities. 

    We will have a series of meetings throughout the rest of the school year to create, review and revise class lists. We follow a well-designed process that looks at each child individually and in the context of the many considerations and factors identified previously. The professionals involved in the school setting, out of concern for the total school program, maintain the right and the responsibility for placement. While we respect and value parent input, please understand that we cannot honor requests for specific teachers. Children’s needs and programming will be the primary considerations for student placement. 

    If parents have additional pertinent information about their child they would like to share, they may submit it to the Guidance Counselor for consideration by April 19. Please use the designated school form available online (below) and in the Wayne Elementary School main office. 

    We are thankful for parental collaboration and cooperation in our placement process. Our students are extraordinarily fortunate that so many caring professionals and parents surround them.