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District and School Safety

The top priority for each faculty and staff member in Radnor Township School District is maintaining the safety of our students.

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General Safety and Security in RTSD

  • The district requires that all doors remain locked during the school day.

    Via an outdoor video intercom system, visitors to Radnor Middle School and Ithan, Radnor and Wayne Elementary schools are required to provide their identity to main office staff before being permitted to enter the building.

    A full-time security guard staffs the entrance vestibule at Radnor High School. Visitors are not permitted access to the school without providing their identity for clearance through the school’s Raptor background check system.

    Each school is equipped with a Delaware County Panic Alarm School System (DelPASS), which allows school administrators to quickly and quietly alert authorities to emergency situations.

    The district maintains a variety of active security measures at all times, including video surveillance, alarms, and campus security personnel. Additional internal security cameras have been installed in many buildings and will be installed district-wide by the end of the 2017-18 school year.

    A comprehensive emergency operations plan guides our response to emergency situations. Staff is trained to implement emergency procedures and participate in practice drills throughout the year.

    Lockdown and other emergency drills take place in each of our schools each month.

    Staff members regularly participate in safety trainings or informational sessions, including the Delaware County Safe Schools Summit; Active Shooter Preparedness; Preparing for the Armed Intruder; and Proactive K-12 Student Safety.

    Risk assessments of the district’s buildings are conducted annually by security staff. As an added measure, the district is working on scheduling the Pennsylvania State Police to perform risk assessments of our schools in the coming months.

    All classrooms and offices have a quick-reference, crisis response guide that covers various emergency situations.

    The district creates safe, supportive school environments by providing school-wide behavioral expectations, caring school climate programs, positive interventions and supports, psychological and counseling services, and violence prevention programs.

    The district and local law enforcement have a very strong partnership. Law enforcement personnel regularly participate in the review of our security and emergency procedures. Radnor police officers regularly visit all our schools and are always available to provide assistance upon request.