RMS Program Review Committee Overview

  • The committee was comprised of stakeholders including administrators, department chairs, grade level chairs, integrated staff, core staff, encore staff, guidance counselor, gifted support, special education support, and literacy coach. This diverse collection of staff allowed for meaningful conversation that incorporated multiple viewpoints for all essential components that contribute to the students’ middle school experience.

    The RMS Program Review Committee helped to make sure that all staff had an opportunity to be part of the focus group to share individual insights into strengths and suggestions for improvement for the middle school.

    The Middle School Study Core Committee, with some additional committee members, took that feedback and created summation points, collected necessary data, and organized all information in order to present to administration the three focus points that the staff believe to be areas for the middle school stakeholders to begin to address at an administrative and faculty level.

Committee Members

  • Middle School Study Core Committee

    Abby Daniels, Coach
    Clyde Diehl, Counselor
    Jennifer Kampes, Teacher
    Esther Purnell, Principal
    Beth Zigmont, Coach

    RMS Program Review Committee

    Ashlee Bailey, Coach
    Ryan Buterbaugh, Assistant Principal
    Terry Canny, Department Chair
    Abby Daniels, Coach
    Clyde Diehl, Counselor
    Jay Echternach, Teacher
    Julie Jacobson, Teacher
    Jennifer Kampes, Teacher
    Nicole Kindred, Teacher
    Caitlin Liston, Teacher
    Andrea McMenamin, Teacher
    Amy McNally, Teacher
    Roger Morgan, Teacher
    Esther Purnell, Principal
    Shannon Reece, Teacher
    Darcy Schneider, Teacher