Choosing Your Courses

  • One of the most important decisions you face each year as a student in high school is the selection of courses for the following year. Your decisions affect not only an entire year of high school life, but also your extended future as a student and worker. Please choose courses wisely, balancing your courses with your other commitments, and considering four crucial areas:

    • Graduation requirements and the required courses for your grade level.
    • The recommended and required courses for your post-high school career and educational plans.
    • Prerequisites (courses you must have successfully completed before taking a specific course) and co-requisites (courses you must take at the same time as a specific course).
    • The level of difficulty of the courses you select. The explanation of levels and their expectations appears on the following pages.

    Pay careful attention to the sequencing of courses from grades 9 to 12. English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics and World Language course descriptions have been enhanced with charts that assist in the construction of a coherent four-year plan. In the School Counseling Department section of the Program of Studies (POS), you will find a planning sheet for your four years at Radnor High School. Take some time to thoroughly read through the POS making sure you mark down any electives and courses that have pre-requisites. There are some examples that follow the blank template. Use the planning guide to create a sketch of what your four years will look like. Your school counselor is happy to sit down with you and go through your planning sheet.

    Although you will receive help from parents, teachers, and counselors in selecting courses that best suit your needs and abilities, the responsibility for these choices is ultimately in your hands. Your parent/guardian may override the professional opinion of your teachers by completing an Override Form with your School Counselor if you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) decide to choose a nonrecommended course. Students, it is your life - take advantage of the power you have to shape your future and the opportunity to explore interests and develop talents.