The Annual Scheduling Cycle


    Working cooperatively with the Board of School Directors, district-wide curriculum committees, administrators, and staff, updates and corrections to the Program of Studies are prepared. Once the Program of Studies is approved by the Board of School Directors, it, along with other materials necessary for the completion of course scheduling, is distributed to students and parents. The documents students receive represent the culmination of the efforts of all involved in the process.

    The High School Administration and School Counseling Department Chair will present an evening 8th grade parent meeting on January 16, 2020 at 6 pm to discuss the course selection process.

    The Radnor High School Department Chairs hold an evening course selection meeting for all parents of current 8th grade students called “Winterfest” which will also take place on January 16, 2020 at 7 pm. Additional meetings and venues for parent and student questions are also held.


    The first task that students and parents actively engage in is the process of course selection. Generally, course selection involves the following steps:

    1. Students have access to the Program of Studies on-line. Please refer to this link,, to view the current syllabi for each course offering (Course syllabi are subject to change).
    2. As part of the course selection process, teachers and counselors make suggestions and recommendations for courses that would be appropriate for students. These recommendations are made based on available data from test scores, student grades, and classroom performance.
    3. Recommending teachers complete the on-line course recommendations for any course that carries a grade/course/teacher prerequisite.
    4. Students electronically submit their on-line course selections via HAC for electives. Students who do not have access to the internet at home may seek assistance from guidance to complete their selections.
    5. Counselors will meet and discuss course selections with each student prior to processing of requests for the new school year.
    6. Parents are able to view course recommendations and student course selections via the student’s HAC account beginning February 25, 2020. If there are any questions after viewing HAC, please contact your student’s school counselor.

    Students must notify guidance staff about any needed change to requested courses before course selection deadline on Friday, April 24, 2020. After Friday, April 24, 2020 all selections are final.


    After students finalize their course selections with their counselor, the requests can be verified by students and parents through the student’s HAC account. The final opportunity to change a course for the coming school year is Friday, April 24, 2020. A student must realize that changes may or may not take place based on the spaces available in the courses, especially when changing electives. The reason for this deadline is because any change in the number of students requesting a course has a direct impact for both the high school and district budget. After this date, the only changes that will be considered will be those that correct clerical errors, address a student’s failure to meet a course prerequisite, or result from completion of a summer school course.

    If parents or guardians decide to override a course recommendation, the override form must be completed and turned in before the course will be changed in HAC. The deadline for all override forms is also Friday, April 24, 2020.


    Driven by the data generated by the course selection process and budgetary constraints, the high school and central administration make decisions about the course offerings and the numbers of sections that will be offered in the coming school year. These decisions must necessarily take into account student requests; at the same time, they must conform to all constraints in building staff and space. It is at this point in the scheduling cycle that some courses may be canceled because of an insufficient number of requests. Students affected by cancellation of courses will be contacted by school counselors to make substitutions.

    Once the final number of sections is determined, the schedule is built by the high school administration and the information about the number and placement of sections is programmed into the computer system. The students’ course requests are then loaded into the schedule and students are scheduled into classes. If the results of this process are not satisfactory, the high school administration makes the necessary changes to the schedule and the process is repeated. This is done repeatedly until a maximum number of students have schedules that reflect all of their course requests.


    There is no perfect, conflict-free schedule. The master schedule for the school is created each year based on the needs and wishes of the student body at large and is constructed in such a way as to fulfill the requests of the maximum number of students. While every effort is made to minimize course conflicts for all students, there is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that each and every student will be able to roster every combination of requests that he or she makes.

    Students with conflicts will be contacted by school counselors to discuss alternate requests in an effort to resolve all of the conflicts. This process
    necessarily involves compromise.


    Complete schedules with teachers’ names and class meeting times will be posted to the student’s HAC account in August. Schedules will also be distributed to students on the first day of school in homeroom.


    All course requests are due Friday, April 24, 2020.

    April 24 through August

    No changes to courses/requests will be honored between Friday, April 24, 2020. The only schedule changes that will be permitted include: students newly admitted to RHS, scheduling errors, academic misplacements by the teacher, counselor or administration. Academic misplacements include, but are not necessarily limited to, failure to meet prerequisites or an improper level placement. Requests to change courses of this nature will be handled by the School Counseling Department.

    August through September 6

    Changes to course requests will be honored during this period. Students should reach out to their school counselor via email, as counselors are only in the building intermittently throughout the summer. Counselors will do their best to honor change requests made during this period, but these requests are not guaranteed as they will be dependent on availability of seats in the requested class(es) and the ability to fit the requested course(s) in the student’s schedule.

    September 7 through September 28

    No changes to course requests will be honored between September 7, 2020 through September 28, 2020.

    September 28, 2020 and Beyond

    Schedule changes are permitted as long as the student follows the steps and rules outlined below.

    The following rules apply to all change requests:

    • Preferential changes (one elective for another or moving a class from one period to another) are not permitted.
    • Parallel changes (teacher preference) are not permitted under any circumstances.
    • A high school administrator must approve all schedule changes. During this time, changes will be contingent upon space availability and the opportunity for the student to make up work missed in the new class.
    • A student may not apply for a withdrawal until after the first 15 class meetings and no withdrawals will be honored after the first marking period for first semester and after the first semester for year-long courses. Only teacher-initiated withdrawals will be considered after Thanksgiving recess.
    • Second semester courses will not be considered for withdrawal until after 15 class meetings and no withdrawal from a second semester course will be honored after the third marking period. Only teacher initiated withdrawals will be considered after the third marking period for second semester courses.

    The following steps must occur before a schedule change will be considered after the school year has begun:

    • Parent/Teacher/Student conference must be held via phone or in person (e-mail communication is not acceptable).
    • Student must document the dates he/she initiated extra help in course work. (If available, use of the writing center, math center, academic success center, or individual meeting with teacher.)
    • Student/Counselor/Parent meeting via phone or in person.
    • Review of attendance and homework completion per class.
    • Administrative approval


    Please click on this link to view the current syllabi for our course offerings:
    (Course syllabi are subject to change from year to year.)


    All programs and course offerings proposed and/or presented in the RHS Program of Studies will run in the subsequent school year contingent upon adequate enrollment and annual budget considerations.




    Grade 9

    Grade 10

    Grade 11

    Grade 12



    (four course minimum)


    Integrated The American Experience

    Integrated Global Issues

    AP English Language & Composition

    Integrated Viewpoints on Modern America

    AP English Literature & Composition

    Integrated Senior Seminar


    English 9: Literature & Composition H

    World Literature H

    American Literature H

    British & Modern Literature H


    English 9: Literature & Composition A

    World Literature A

    American Literature A

    British & Modern Literature A


    English 9: Literature & Composition CP

    World Literature CP

    American Literature CP

    British & Modern Literature CP

    English Electives

    Journalism H, Journalism: Radnor Publications H, Creative Writing, Topics in Philosophy & Writing, Film Analysis I, Film Analysis II, Battle of the Books, Public Speaking & Communications



     (three course minimum)


    Seminar Geometry

    Geometry H

    Seminar Algebra 2

    Algebra 2 H

    Seminar Precalculus

    AP Statistics

    Precalculus H

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Calculus AB


    Algebra I A

    Geometry A

    Algebra 2 A

    Precalculus A

    Statistics A


    Algebra I CP

    Geometry CP

    Algebra 2 CP

    Algebra 3 & Trigonometry CP

    Math Electives

    Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra H, AP Statistics, Calculus 1 A, AP Computer Science

    *A student’s math level does not always match up with their grade level.



    (three course minimum)


    Biology H

    Chemistry H

    AP Physics I

    AP Biology

    AP Chemistry

    AP Physics 2

    AP Physics C

    AP Environmental Science

    Principles of Biomedical Science H


    Biology A

    Chemistry A

    Physics A

    Chemistry 2A

    Physics 2A

    Anatomy & Physiology A



    Earth & Space Science A


    Science and the Environment CP

    Biology CP

    Chemistry CP

    Physics CP

    Science Electives


    Chemistry 2A, Physics 2A, Anatomy & Physiology A, Bioethics, Genetics, Earth & Space Science A, Principles of Biomedical Science, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C

    Social Studies


    (three course minimum)


    Integrated The American Experience

    Integrated Global Issues

    Integrated Viewpoints on Modern America

    AP English Language & Composition

    Integrated Senior Seminar

    AP English Literature & Composition


    Government & Economics H

    World Studies H

    American Studies H

    Social Studies Electives


    Government & Economics A

    World Studies A

    American Studies A

    Social Studies Electives


    Government & Economics CP

    World Studies CP

    American Studies CP

    Social Studies Electives

    Social Studies Electives

    AP World History, AP United States History, AP European History, AP Psychology, Psychology A, AP United States Government & Politics, AP Macroeconomics, Sociology A, AP Art History

    Instructional Levels: Advanced Placement (AP), Integrated (I), Seminar (S), Honors (H), Advanced (A), College Prep (CP)