Annual Credit Requirements

  • All students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of courses to total 6.5 credits annually. Course credit loads between 6.5 and 7.0 credits are quite common, especially for students wishing to continue study after high school at competitive colleges and universities.

    Seniors must enroll in enough courses during the senior year to meet requirements to acquire the 22.5 credits necessary for graduation. Under unusual circumstances, with the approval of the Principal a student who has failed to meet graduation requirements may participate in graduation ceremonies. The diploma will be held until all credits are certified.

    Promotion Requirements

    In order to be promoted to the next grade, a student must meet the following requirements:
    (Note: As graduation requirements are reviewed, thresholds for promotion are also being reviewed)

    • 9th to 10th Grade: 5.5 credits
    • 10th to 11th Grade: 11.5 credits
    • 11th to 12th Grade: 17 credits

    Students who have not earned enough credits to be promoted will be notified by a counselor over the summer. If students are able to successfully make up their credit deficiency through summer school or through work in the subsequent school year, they may rejoin their original class.