Grades and Grading

  • Pass-Fail Grades

    A student carrying more than 6.5 credits may choose to be graded on a Pass-Fail basis in one or more of the courses above the 6.5 credit minimum.The student declaring his/her intention to be graded on a Pass-Fail basis must designate the course(s) to be graded prior to the end of the first marking period. Requests to be graded on a Pass-Fail basis after this date are to be considered exceptions and require the approval of the Principal after consultation with the teacher. Should a course(s) be dropped, thereby reducing the pupil’s load to 6.5 credits or fewer, the course(s) designated as Pass-Fail will then revert to the grading policy used by the teacher for students taking the same course for a more traditional grade. In those areas where specific academic levels of proficiency are required for continued study, the teacher required to grade on a Pass-Fail basis will provide a written statement regarding the pupil’s ability to pursue a higher-level course. Pass-Fail grading is acceptable for summer enrichment course(s) (but not remedial courses) provided that the grading decision is announced before the summer course begins. Pass-Fail courses are not included in GPA. Courses required for graduation may not be taken on a Pass-Fail basis.

    The teacher being asked to grade on a Pass-Fail basis will use the same grading scale that is used for students being graded in a more traditional manner. However, a teacher grade of A, B, C or D will be entered as a P (Pass). A grade of F using the traditional scale will be recorded as an F for students who have elected to be graded Pass-Fail. It is understood that a staff member who has concerns about a student’s request to be graded on a Pass-Fail may ask for a conference with the student and his/her parents. This conference will be held prior to beginning Pass–Fail grading.

    Grade Point Average (GPA) and Grading Scale

    1. All full-year and half-year major subjects are used in computing GPA. GPA is cumulative, grades 9 to 12.
    2. Only grades in Advanced Placement, Integrated, Seminar, and Honors courses are weighted.
    3. Courses taken Pass-Fail are not included in the GPA.
    4. Radnor has a dual GPA system. The transcript of every Radnor student indicates a weighted and an unweighted GPA.
    5. Radnor High School does not compute class rank.
    6. The following grade points are assigned to grades.

Grading Scale

  • Annual Credit Requirements

    All full-time students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 6.5 credits.

    Seniors must enroll in enough courses during the senior year to meet requirements to acquire the 22.5 credits necessary for graduation.