Special Programs and Scheduling Opportunities

  • Gifted Education

    The purpose of gifted programming in Radnor Township School District is to support the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted and advanced students by providing learning opportunities which are more in-depth and may be presented at a faster pace. In keeping with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Chapter 16 regulations, a Gifted Individual Education Plan (GIEP) will be developed annually for students who are identified mentally gifted. A student is identified mentally gifted if they have a full-scale IQ of 130 or above, or if multiple criteria strongly indicate gifted ability. Specifically Designed Instruction for students with a GIEP primarily takes place in regular education classrooms. Radnor High School’s sequence of four double-period team-taught interdisciplinary courses and variety of rigorous science and mathematics courses are designed to provide an academic challenge and depth of learning appropriate for many gifted students.

    Special Education

    Learning Support Program

    The Learning Support Program offers support to students who have learning differences as documented in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Enrollments in these specific courses are dependent upon recommendations made by the IEP team.

    Emotional Support

    Placement is determined by a student’s IEP. Students in the Emotional Support Programs are typically assigned to at least one period in an emotional support class.

    College Course Work

    Radnor High School students may enroll part-time in nearby colleges or institutions with the approval of the Principal. Exceptionally able students may leave Radnor prior to the senior year to attend approved colleges full-time at the discretion of the school district. A Radnor diploma will be awarded to these students upon successful completion of the freshman year of college (School Code: Sections 7-144, 7-145). The District will not incur the cost for such enrollment.

    Independent Study

    1. Independent Study is offered only to students in 11th and 12th grades and the student must be carrying 6.5 credits to be considered making the Independent Study an additional .5 or 1 credit.
    2. A Faculty member who is certified in the discipline of the chosen Independent Study must sponsor a student. The Faculty Sponsor is responsible for all grading and monitoring of student progress.
    3. An Independent Study proposal cannot include a currently offered Radnor High School course.
    4. The proposal must include the following:
      1. The objective of the Independent Study
      2. Clearly outlined and detailed benchmarks as defined by the Faculty Sponsor to monitor progress of student. Two benchmarks are required for a semester Independent Study and four benchmarks are required for a full year Independent Study.
      3. A final summative assessment which is to be graded by the Faculty Sponsor is to be submitted with the initial proposal.

    Independent Study will be awarded credit based on length. A semester Independent Study will be awarded .5 credit and a full-year Independent Study will be awarded 1.0 credit. The length of the Independent Study will be determined by Faculty Sponsor. The credit will not be placed on the transcript until the Independent Study is complete.

    Summer School

    Credit for a course taken in summer school in order to make up for a course that was failed will be given if the course meets the requirement of 60 clock hours of class time. Credit for a course taken in summer school for original credit (where a student has not been exposed to the content) will be granted credit if and only if the course meets for 120 clock hours. It is a student’s responsibility to get a report card or transcript to the guidance counselor upon completion of the course, if a summer course will require a schedule change. Students must meet with their counselor before enrolling in any summer program. An approved summer school list, including courses available at RHS and those accepted from outside institutions, is posted on the RHS Guidance website.

    Granting Credit

    Any course completed at Radnor High School by a Radnor Middle School student may be granted graduation credit. The grade may appear on the transcript and may be included in the GPA. All grade reporting and withdrawal regulations will apply.

    Any student taking a university course, for which he/she receives credit from that university, may also receive Radnor High School credit. The grade will not appear on the Radnor High School transcript, and will not be counted in the GPA. The official university transcript will be attached to the RHS transcript.

    Any course taken outside Radnor High School at an accredited high school will be granted credit, however, the grade will not appear on transcript, and will not be counted in the GPA. The accredited High School transcript, if available, will be attached to the RHS transcript.

    University summer school courses for which college credit is granted may be granted high school credit only through the prior approval of the course by the Principal.

    Note: Credit requirements are in the process of being reviewed and are subject to change. As the requirements change, students will be notified of the changes that affect them. The District will not incur the cost for summer school or college courses.

    Early Graduation

    Applicants for early graduation (i.e. those who wish to accelerate and complete graduation requirements in less than four years) should make requests in writing to the chairperson of the Guidance Department by the end of junior year or no later than 1st marking period of senior year. The student’s individual Counselor and the Principal will consider the request and forward it to the Superintendent of Schools. Any student approved for early graduation may be placed in a senior homeroom, if he or she can complete all required credits for senior status by the end of his/her third year in high school.

    Remedial Keystone Courses

    Any student in the class of 2019 and below, who does not score proficient on a Keystone Algebra I, Biology, and/or Literature exam, will be required to take a skill-building course for each exam they scored below proficient. These courses will meet on an alternate day schedule and will be a review of the material of the Keystone Exams. If a student is placed in one or more of the Keystone courses, this is mandatory placement and cannot be overridden. Wherever possible, free periods and study halls will be replaced with remedial courses. However, it may impact a student’s ability to take electives or receive his/her first choice elective.

    Summer Work (S)

    Some of the more demanding courses require students to complete summer work. These courses are denoted with an (S) at the end of the course description. Note: Summer work does not include books on the summer reading list associated with all core English classes.