Career & Technical Education at Delaware County Technical Schools

  • Radnor Township School District participates in career and technical education at Delaware County Technical Schools. The Delaware County Technical Schools are preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities by meaningful career training and a foundation for lifelong learning with support from business, industry and the community. Each course is an extension of the high school program and elective credits towards high school graduation will be awarded. The courses are scheduled on a half-day basis. There are four clusters for students to choose from.

    Please visit to learn more specifics about each cluster and the associated course offerings.

  • Vocational-Technical School (05091601 - Morning Session Only)

    3.0 Credits; Unweighted

    ength: Year; Format: Meets daily for a half day
    Grade(s): 10, 11, 12
    Prerequisites: Varies by program

    Students develop the technical knowledge, basic skills, work habits, and attitudes required for efficient performance in various fields of work. Students earn credits toward high school graduation and for college admissions. Three credits are awarded each year for the courses at The Technical School. Students attend all academic courses at Radnor High School for half a day. The other half of the day is at the Technical School. Listed below are the Vo-Tech clusters and courses offered in each cluster. Please click on the links below for specific program descriptions.

    Applications for vocational programs are available at Please see your counselor if you are interested in applying or touring a DCTS campus. The application process must begin during course selection starting in February 2016.

    *Medical Careers is a Technical School offering worth 2.0 credits and does require students to arrive at Radnor early morning in order to take a bus to the hospital location. This program is not a full-half day. Students in medical careers can carry more academic courses upon their return from the  program which is why it is only a 2.0 credit course. Medical Careers is only offered to seniors and is an Honors level course. A competitive application and interview process is required for admission.

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