Primary Methods of Communication to District Families and Students

  • In an effort to provide clear information to District families in a consistent format, the District supports several services teachers and staff members are able to use to communicate with students and parents/guardians.

    To learn more about district communications, see School Board Policy No. 903 - Communications and 903-AR - Communications.

  • PowerSchool Back-to-School Parent/Guardian Portal

    PowerSchool is the district's back-to-school online information system that each parent/guardian must access and complete each school year. The online system provides an opportunity for all parents/guardians to review and confirm their and their child(ren)'s contact data, health/medical information, and more. The system also allows for the online completion of necessary back-to-school forms. Please note, the PowerSchool Back-to-School Parent/Guradian portal is only open to receive back-to-school information and accept the completion of back-to-school forms. Once all information has been entered and submitted, the portal will close and no changes can be made without a parent/guardian contacting their respective school's main office to request the change. 

    Home Access Center (HAC)

    Home Access Center (HAC) is an online database that provides parents/guardians access to their child(ren)'s class schedule and academic progress and report cards (when available). Each parent/guardian can have his/her own HAC account. For questions or to receive log in information, please contact your corresponding school building(s).


    SchoolMessenger is Radnor Township School District’s phone, email and text message alert system used to notify parents/guardians and staff members about urgent matters such as school closings/delays and distribute information about other timely issues and events.

    SchoolMessenger contacts parents/guardians using the data located in Home Access Center (HAC) and contacts staff members using the data located in the Employee Web Portal. The SchoolMessenger system syncs with HAC and the Employee Web Portal every business day to retrieve the most current contact data from each database.


    Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) which allows students and teachers to interact online, in and outside of the classroom. Through Schoology, teachers can post course content, provide resources for students, and review assignments. Students login to access their class resources. They can submit assignments, take quizzes and participate in online discussions. Parents also have access to Schoology under a separate log in.

    District Website (

    On the district's website, you can access district and school calendars, news on district events, lunch menus, assessment and academic information, resources for families, staff contact information, photo galleries, school board activity and more.

    Staff members can post their own information to their respective department webpages or submit information to the District's Communications Department for possible publication on the District's website.

    The Radnor Reader

    The Radnor Reader, the district's official electronic newsletter, keeps RTSD parents, staff, students and community members informed about events, news and other happenings going on within RTSD schools and the district. It delivers important and impactful information from the district, your school(s), and district and school groups, right to your inbox on Sunday afternoons to help you plan for the week ahead. 

    District Email System (Microsoft Outlook 365)

    Each district teacher and staff member has a dedicated District email address to communicate with parents/guardians and other stakeholders on a regular basis. 

    Social Media

    There are many ways to get the latest news and information about RTSD schools — and social media makes it easy. The district supports staff members who wish to create and maintain accounts for their classroom, department, sport or club as way to share what's happening in our schools with parents, students and Radnor community members.

    Follow @RadnorTSD on Twitter and Instagram for important district and school alerts, upcoming events, news, photos and more.

    For more information on the district's policies surrounding Social Media use, check out Policy 815.1: Social Media - Employee and Student Use and Policy 911.1 - Social Media for District Use.

    RTSD PTO Membership Toolkit (MTK)

    MEMBERSHIP TOOLKIT (MTK) is an online database used by all 5 of the district’s Parent Teacher Organizations (RTSD PTOs) to send email communications. Register and download the App for FREE to receive monthly PTO E-Newsletters, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and receive reminders about PTO activities. Once registered, families have the option to purchase access to the on-line student directory for all 5 schools.