Pennsylvania Act 44 of 2018

  • Governor Wolf signed SB 1142 School Safety on Friday, June 22. It is now Act 44 of 2018 and it is effective immediately. The complete act is accessible by clicking hereHighlights of the act include:

    1. School Safety and Security Committee: Creates a permanent committee that will operate within the Commission on Crime and Delinquency, and will be charged with developing best practices and distributing $60 million in school safety funding;

    2. School Safety and Security Coordinator: Requires every district to appoint a school security coordinator by August 31, 2018 and assigns various duties and responsibilities to the coordinator.

    3. Mandatory Employee Training: Requires school districts to provide all school employees minimum of three hours of training in school safety and security every five years.

    4. State Police Teams: Requires there be three State police Risk Assessment Teams of three trained individuals each to operate within various geographic areas in the commonwealth.

    5. School Security Personnel: Clarifies the definitions of "school police officer," "school resources officer" and "school security guard."

    6. Safe2Say Program: Requires the Office of the Attorney General to create an anonymous tip line by mid-January 2019, and develop a process to communicate threats to school districts and local law enforcement for investigation.