Family Donation Program

  • Help fund the WES PTO by simply making a one-time monetary donation. All proceeds of the PTO are allocated to enhance education at WES. 

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Where Does the Money Go?

  • Each year the PTO raises money to cover the many community building activities and educational enhancements provided throughout the year.

    The Family Donation Program is one of the main ways we cover these costs. Your past donations have provided:

    • MLK Day of Service
    • District-Wide Speaker Series
    • Bus Driver appreciation lunch
    • WES Staff Appreciation events
    • New Family Welcoming events and K playdates
    • Teacher/School Grants including: 
      • new secondary playground!! 
      • smart boards in classrooms
      • little theater audio system
      • classroom flexible seating
      • school wide positive behavior activities (spirit days)
    • Walk to Wayne t-shirts
    • 5th Grade Celebrations
    • Science and Tech Assemblies
    • Health and Wellness tastings
    • International Week and Multicultural Committee
    • Cultural Arts Programming - assembles for WES students including:
      • Bee Man (3rd grade)
      • Mother Goose (Kindergarten)
      • Audio Body performance (grade K-5)
      • Author and Illustrator visits Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr
      • Cello Fury
      • Martha & George Washington (grade 2)
      • Marian and Friends Puppet Show (Grades 1 & 3)
      • Harriet Tubman Performer/Actor– (Grade 4)
      • Bessie Coleman Performer/Actor– (Grade 5)
      • Hip Hop Fundamentals - Assembly and Dance Residency
      • American Historical Theatre (Grades 2 - 5)
    • Celebrate the Arts family night
    • Back to School Family Picnic
    • Earth Day celebrations
    • Science Fair
    • WES Helping Hands programs (helping families in need within our WES community)
    • Art Goes to School - mini museum is set up at school and filled with 20 fine art reproductions. Students participate in discussions including stories about the history of the artwork, their significance, the artists’ intentions, and how form and function contribute to the success of each piece.


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