• CLASS of 2020!



    2020 Memory Wall Chairs:  Suze Margolis, Carolyn Belveal, Aimee Gallagher, Allie Hoffman, Theresa Weiss

     Memory Wall is one of the Most Popular Attraction of the Post Prom Party.  An entire hallway is covered in photos taken throughout our children’s school years.  Our kids love to look back at their past!



    • Please submit GROUP photos printed out on 8.5x11 copy paper.  Photos such as class pictures, field trips, school activities, sporting events, birthday parties, seasonal class parties. 
    •  Please submit ONE IMAGE PER PAGE on PLAIN 8.5X11 COPY PAPER ONLYcard stock and photo paper are too heavy for hanging.
    • Photos of students only, no family pictures please
    • We’d love each family to submit 10-20 photos with their child in them.
    • Please submit copies only.  Do NOT send original photos as we will not be able to return them.
    • Print at home or consider these options from FedEx:
      • .69 cents per print; best option for digital images on your computer or flash drive.  Click here then drag a photo or photos into the box.  If multiple photos, click “Combine Files” then ‘select all’ or individually pick the ones you want to print. Click “Next” then “select options” Under “document printing” select “custom project” then click ‘add to cart.’ Just make sure on the right hand side the size is 8 ½’ x 11’, it’s lightweight paper, and they’re not bound together.
      • .50 cents per print; best option if you have printed photos you want to copy.  Bring your own printed pictures to the Fed Ex copy center and use their color copier to enlarge and print 8 ½ “ x 11” prints.  If you want the Fed Ex staff to scan and print for you, the cost rises significantly. “Do it Yourself” is much more affordable!

    Send your photos to us by MARCH 31st

    • You or your student (this part isn't a secret) can drop them off at RHS main office.  Look for "Post Prom" bin.  
    • Mail to RHS, Attn: Post Prom 2019, 130 King of Prussia Rd, Radnor, PA 19087


    Don't wait!  Get started NOW!  The Memory Wall really is one of the most anticipated and popular attractions of the Post Prom Party and remains up until the end of the school year. 

    We need about 3000 photos!   

    Make sure your child is well represented on the wall!

    The kids love to stroll down their memory lane!  So pull out your photo albums, dust off those boxes of photos and sort through your digital prints. 

    The more kids represented the better!

    Send pictures from Kindergarten all the way up to Senior year. The older pics are the most fun for kids to see!


    What do we do with all those pictures? Paste them onto panels! We need your help! The Memory Wall Committee will meet in the RHS Cafeteria multiple times throughout the month of May 2020. Come for the whole time or just an hour. We'll have all the necessary supplies, no special skill needed. It takes a lot of people and hours to get the panels ready for hanging when we decorate the night before prom, May 29th, and day of the event, May 30th.


    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP WITH MEMORY WALL OR HAVE QUESTIONS?  PLEASE EMAIL a CO-CHAIR:  Smargolis@smargolis.net (Suzette)   sagetree8@hotmail.com (Theresa)   cfbelveal@comcast.net (Carolyn)  aimeegallagher@comcast.net (Aimee)   alliehoff@comcast.net (Allie)