Trait Rubric

  • The 6+1 Trait rubrics were developed to help educators assess the quality of student writing and tailor instruction to students’ needs. The rubrics are field tested, research-based, and designed for use across modes of writing (i.e., informative/explanatory, argument, and narrative writing). These rubrics have been used by RTSD teachers to asses K-5 benchmark assessments for many years.

    For the start of the 2018-2019 school year, Dr. Jim Kearney worked with the Elementary Language Art Committee (ELAC) to review the writing prompts for the benchmark assessments and make modifications for several grade-levels. The group also updated the 6+1 Traits rubrics we use to the most current versions. The rubrics should help our students know the expectations we all have for high-quality writing and what they can do to develop as writers.

    Although the K-12 Writing Teaching and Learning Principles, RTSD Writing Scope and Sequence, and writing rubrics offer important guidance, ultimately teachers, not programs or materials, teach writers. Teachers’ efforts to help students improve in each aspect of the writing process will have the greatest impact on each student’s ability to write and their identity as writers. To develop ourselves as teachers of writers, we will be working with the Pennsylvania Writing & Literature Project.